Michelle Obama running for office 'will never happen'

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For those of you keeping your fingers crossed that first lady Michelle Obama will run for office, just go ahead and forget about it.

When asked about the prospects Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Cynthia McFadden, White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett shot it down.

“No. I’m absolutely 100 percent positive that will never happen,” she said.

It’s apparently a question that won’t die.

Earlier this month when there was some talk of a Senate run, Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet outlined eight reasons Michelle won’t run.

Just last week, when Michelle was asked about running, she said she has no interest in running for office.

And what about Jarrett’s political future? While she briefly considered going after the Senate appointment after President Barack Obama vacated it, Jarrett left the door open to running for office.

But it’s not that open.

While Jarrett said it’s unlikely she’d run for office, she said it’s “not as definitive as the first lady, but highly unlikely.”

Here’s the full transcript of Sunday’s interview:

MS. MCFADDEN: I want to talk to you about the future. Is Michelle Obama going to run for office?


MS. MCFADDEN: You said that very definitively.

MS. JARRETT: Well, I’m absolutely 100 percent positive that that will never happen.

MS. MCFADDEN: How about Valerie Jarrett? Will you ever run for office?

MS. JARRETT: Unlikely.

MS. MCFADDEN: But maybe?

MS. JARRETT: Not as definitive as the first lady, but highly unlikely.

MS. MCFADDEN: The first lady said yesterday that we should have a female president as soon as possible.

MS. JARRETT: Absolutely. Absolutely.

MS. MCFADDEN: There’s no question that the person who is poised at this moment to break that ultimate glass ceiling is Hillary Clinton.

MS. JARRETT: Well, since she hasn’t even announced her candidacy, I think it’s premature.

MS. MCFADDEN: For now, she’s focused on building alliances with business leaders and others on a wide range of issues. Listen, even you and Rupert Murdoch are now breaking bread together.

MS. JARRETT: Can you believe that? If anyone had told me five and a half years ago I would be having dinner with Rupert Murdoch, and quiet as it’s known, this is the second time we’ve had dinner. Everybody only knows about the last time, but you know what, he’s committed to immigration reform.

MS. MCFADDEN: Despite the polls, the Congress and the ticking clock, she says there is still much that can be accomplished.

MS. JARRETT: As long as the president will have me, I will be here. And I hope it’s turning off the lights.

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