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Illinois spends $1 million on condoms — and flavored lube

When it comes to condoms and personal lubricant, variety is the spice of life for Illinois government. And it comes with a bill in excess of $1 million.

Illinois Policy reports that in 2013, the state awarded two contracts for a total of $1,050,409.77 for the purchase of condoms and lube.

While the state has a load of money troubles, this is one area where they weren’t willing to go small.

The bid solicitation document required the condoms (4,453,000) be in a number of sizes, including “extra large,” but even “assorted colors.” The condoms also had to be a “recognized brand.”

And because taste preferences vary, lube (374,000 bottles in all) was to be in “assorted flavors.”

The two contracts run through 2014.

So how do you get in on the action? Both condoms and lubricant can be picked up at any one of the Condom Distribution Sites across Illinois.

Via Illinois Policy