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Cleveland banking on Johnny Manziel to help win GOP convention

It’ll be a few months until Johnny Manziel can try to notch a victory for Cleveland on the football field, but the rookie Browns quarterback is and some of his teammates are lending their hand to hometown Republicans in an effort to help Cleveland land the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The Heisman Trophy winner, along with some other Browns rookies were on hand Tuesday night when Cleveland’s host committee tried to woo members of the Republican National Committee who were on hand inspecting facilities.

The final four cities in contention for the convention are Dallas, Denver, Cleveland and Kansas City. Las Vegas and Kansas City were recently eliminated from contention.

It’s no surprise Cleveland would enlist the help of Manziel, considering he has two big-name Republicans in his corner in George H.W. Bush and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Both attended his pro day in March, to great fanfare.

h/t: USA Today