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Just say where you stand on gay marriage, Bruce

When it comes to mixing partying with politics, no one does it better.

June 1 was marriage day in Illinois, the biggest day in gay rights history. The corks were popping, and so was the political rhetoric.

On Sunday the gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender community made history as same-sex marriage became legal in Illinois. Nuptials kicked off around the state. Amid the festivities, LGBT advocates dispatched an “open letter” denouncing their new Enemy No. 1: Bruce Rauner.

“Today, as we celebrate the official commencement of the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, we honor those officials who stood for freedom and equality,” read the letter, issued by Equality Illinois and signed by nearly 70 elected officials, activists and civic leaders.

“We also remember those public figures, like Bruce Rauner, who chose the side of bigotry and intolerance.”