Obama is to blame for havoc in Iraq, Cheney says

SHARE Obama is to blame for havoc in Iraq, Cheney says

Dick Cheney, who clearly is no fan of President Barack Obama, went on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” and unloaded on the Commander-in-Chief, saying Obama is to blame for the current unrest in Iraq.

“Obama’s failure to provide for a stay-behind force is what created the havoc we see in Iraq today,” Cheney said. “When we left Iraq was a relatively stable place. We defeated al Qaeda, we had a coalition government in place.”

When asked whether decisions made by the Bush administration caused the problems in Iraq now, Cheney shifted the blame to Obama and Iraqi leader Nouri al-Maliki.

“I think it’s primarily Maliki, and Obama,” Cheney said. “That’s what I believe, and that’s what the history books will show.”

The former vice president didn’t back calls made for impeachment, he did once again say Obama “the worst president of my lifetime.”

A recent poll showed Americans labeled Obama as the worst president in nearly 70 years.

He also went a step further, saying and that Jimmy Carter, who is not a fan of either, “might have been a better President.”

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