Donors to Elizabeth Warren: If Hillary Clinton runs, don’t bother

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She may have been selected as the “hottest” politician in a poll, but Democratic donors aren’t too hot about Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren launching a presidential run.

In short, the message is simple, even from her most devoted backers: Don’t get in Hillary Clinton’s way.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll had Warren only getting 8 percent of the vote, the same as Vice President Joe Biden. Clinton, on the other hand, was getting 67 percent of the vote in a Democratic primary.

From The Daily Beast:

If Elizabeth called me up and said, ‘I am thinking of running for president,’ I would say, ‘Elizabeth, are you out of your goddamn mind?’ said one New York-based donor who has hosted Warren in his living room. I really like Elizabeth, but if Hillary is in the race it just makes no sense.

The Daily Beast did more than a dozen interviews with Democratic donors who shell out big money, and they all echoed those thoughts.

While they like and support Warren, that support only goes so far.

I think she is outstanding. She is articulate. She is persuasive. She can hit a piece of bullshit from a hundred yards away, said Victor A. Kovner, a Manhattan lawyer who hosted Warren for a fundraiser way back in 2011. But, he added, I will be supporting Hillary in 2016. No question about that.

Some say that a Warren run would help give her a national platform for her ideas on the economy, but at a price.

Specifically, tearing apart the Democratic base.

“Whoever is pushing this is not doing the Democratic Party any favors, and I wish it would stop,” a Massachusetts Democrat said.

Via The Daily Beast

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