Hillary Clinton takes a beating from liberals in secret emails

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Not only are Iowa residents lacking enthusiasm over a presidential run by Hillary Clinton, but emails sent by liberal activists show there’s significant dissatisfaction with the Democratic front-runner.

The emails, obtained by The Hill, were sent by members of a Google group called the “Gamechanger Salon,” which consists of nearly 1,500 activists, strategists and journalists.

Members include prominent Democrats, Sierra Club officials, senior union representatives and leaders of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

In the emails spanning over a year — starting in June 2013 through July of this year — frustration with Clinton is evident. Clinton’s too much of a hawk, too cozy with Wall Street, hasn’t spoken out enough on climate change, and will be subject to personal questions and criticisms, members of the group stated in the emails.

While she has dominated the polls and may seem like a lock for the nomination, some are looking for an alternative.

[A] Clinton presidency undos [sic] all our progress and returns the financial interests to even more prominence than they currently have, Melissa Byrne, an activist with the Occupy Wall Street movement, said in a November 2013 email.

There’s also a call for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, to run, even though she has said she isn’t interested.

The establishment Dems need to be punished, and the best way for that to happen is for Warren to beat Hillary in the primary on a populist message, Carl Gibson, a progressive activist and writer for Occupy.com, wrote in one email.

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