Majority of Americans in poll: Give us a third party

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Americans are so fed up with Congress, and the U.S. political system in general, they continue to say it’s time for a third party to emerge.

The Gallup poll shows 58 percent of Americans say a third party is needed, which is virtually unchanged from the all-time high of 60 percent that said so last year. Interestingly, the percentage of people who said the Democrats and Republicans are doing an “adequate job” rose to 35 percent, up from 26 percent last year.

From Gallup:

“Americans’ current desire for a third party is consistent with their generally negative views of both the Republican and Democratic parties, with only about four in 10 viewing each positively. Americans’ views toward the two major parties have been tepid for much of the last decade. However, even when the party’s images were more positive in the past, including majority favorability for the Democrats throughout 2007 and favorability for the GOP approaching 50% in 2011, Americans’ still saw the need for a third party.”

In what shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, 71 percent of Independents say a third party is needed:

From Gallup:

“Though the desire for a third party exists, it is unclear how many Americans would actually support a third party if it came to be. Americans’ preference for a third party may reflect their frustration with the way the Republican and Democratic parties are performing, as well as the idea that the system ought to be open to new parties, regardless of whether this is viable in practice.”

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