On Feb. 21, Angeles Sandoval appeared before the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board. We asked her why she’s running for the Cook County Board of Commissioners in the 7th District in the March 2018 primary. Check out her response in the video below.

The Chicago Sun-Times sent the candidates running for the Cook County Board of Commissioners in the 7th District a list of questions to find out their views on a range of important issues facing the Chicago area. Sandoval submitted the following responses to our questionnaire:

QUESTION: The County Board enacted and then repealed a tax on sweetened beverages, then made further cuts to the budget. Can county government now claim an appropriate balance of revenue and services, or will more revenue or more cost-cutting be necessary? Please be specific as to where new revenue might come from, or where further cuts could be made.

ANSWER: No, before making cuts, we should be asking if the county government is currently delivering efficiencies and modernizations. The county needs progressive streams of revenue, not regressive. Laying people off and raising taxes is not the solution.

Angeles Sandoval

Political/civic background: Democrat

Occupation: Candidate for Cook County Commissioner 7th District


  • Masters of Arts: Public Policy and Administration, June 2017
  • Bachelor of Arts: Double Major in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies, May 2012

Campaign website: www.angie-sandoval.com

QUESTION: If the Affordable Care Act is eliminated or curtailed, what would you propose doing to keep the county’s Health and Hospitals System on sound financial footing?

ANSWER: The ACA looks like it is not being eliminated. I propose expansion of healthcare at a lower cost for all through creative solutions. I would also look into having the state pay and not just lean on back of the tax payers. The county should partner and cooperate, not compete with, communities so that they expand services and thrive.

QUESTION: What county functions or services would you support privatizing, if any, to reduce costs?

ANSWER: I am against privatization. To reduce costs, I would consider efficiencies and modernizations.

QUESTION: The state of Illinois is behind on paying money it owes to Cook County. What’s to be done about that?

ANSWER: First, we need to get rid of Bruce Rauner, then, we need to look into fiscal responsibility and accountability.

QUESTION: What is your position on tax-increment financing districts? Are they a valuable development tool? Are they underutilized? Is the process sufficiently transparent? Should there be more community input? Should the definition of a “blighted” area be revised?

ANSWER: “Blighted” areas do need to be revised. I support tax-increment financing for blighted areas where the land needs to be developed or redeveloped. The over use of tax-increment financing in high commercial areas is abuse. The process must be revised.

QUESTION: Recently, there have been calls to freeze local property taxes. What’s your view on the matter?

ANSWER: It is unfair to further burden the taxpayers of Cook County. The county must reevaluate and conduct an audit of the current property tax assessment model. It is important that the county board not cut healthcare services, public safety programs and other vital services while the levy is in place. The county must continue to explore other ways to generate revenue without hurting working families, while also finding efficiencies and modernizations.


QUESTION: Do you support or oppose efforts to merge unincorporated pockets of the county into adjoining municipalities? If so, how would you make that happen?

ANSWER: In the 7th District there are no incorporated areas. However, I would support efforts in adjoining municipalities.

QUESTION: What is your plan to encourage economic development in the county?

ANSWER: Cook County must continue to form relationships with business groups, non for profits, community leaders to devise strategic plans for further economic growth. As a Cook County Commissioner, I want to ensure that we improve opportunities for small and woman and minority owned businesses. Our community must also prepare the residents of Cook County for the new tech base jobs and other booming industries through workforce development.

QUESTION: An additional $40 million per year is needed to fund the Forest Preserve District’s Next Century Conservation Plan. Where can the county find the money?

ANSWER: First, the county could develop its own board. The county along with the board can find new creative ways through modern solutions to allocate funds, the use of technology and fundraising.

QUESTION: Traditionally, the Forest Preserve District has not charged for parking in the preserves, but it is considering doing so at Swallow Cliff Woods. Do you support that?

ANSWER: No. I do not support parking fees at the Forest Preserve District. Why nickel and dime the people when they are there to enjoy the Forest Preserve District.

QUESTION: Should the Forest Preserve District have its own board, independent of the County Board? Please explain.

ANSWER: Yes, the Forest Preserve District should have its own board. There is no cost to do this.

It would benefit the Forest Preserve District by having board members whom would be vested in funding the Forest Preserve District’s Next Century Conservation Plan.

QUESTION: Is Cook County treated fairly by the state? If not, how so?

ANSWER: All units of government are being treated unfairly.

QUESTION: Do you support another effort in the Legislature to reform the county’s pension system?

ANSWER: Once in office, it will be my task to look into all efforts of reform over all, for, the county and all its departments.

QUESTION: Please name any relatives who hold a county job. What’s your general view on elected officials hiring relatives?

ANSWER: I do not have any family members who hold a county job. My view on elected officials hiring relatives would be held at the same standard as hiring anyone else. The individual, whether, it is a relative or not, should be qualified to perform the job assignment.