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Chicago gang trial jury heads into 3rd day of deliberations

Paris Poe is a reputed Hobos gang member

Jury deliberations in the trail of

Jurors at a Chicago street-gang trial are heading into a third day of deliberations on whether six alleged Hobos leaders are guilty of a racketeering conspiracy that includes nine murders.

They will resume going through three months of testimony Wednesday at Chicago’s federal courthouse.

A judge Tuesday refused one juror’s request to be dismissed. He indicated he has already made up his mind and that deliberating further would be a waste of time. His comments could signal disagreement among jurors.

There’s been a spike in violence in Chicago this year, including more than 750 homicides.

Chicago police cited gangs in reporting more than 50 shootings and 11 deaths during the long Christmas holiday weekend. A police statement said most of the shootings involved gangs targeting rivals at holiday gatherings.