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Gov. Bruce Rauner target of $3 million Democrat ad blitz

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner | Seth Perlman/AP

WASHINGTON — In the span of a week, Democrats have poured a bit more than $3 million in an ad blitz against Gov. Bruce Rauner, with two new spots released on Tuesday.

The attacks are coming from a super PAC named LIFT — Leading Illinois for Tomorrow — created in September by top Illlinois Democratic leaders and bankrolled by Democratic-allied unions and deep-pocketed individual Democrat donors.

A Federal Election Commission spending report LIFT filed Monday shows $797,400 expended for radio and TV ads running this week. Since Oct. 11, LIFT has spent $3,114263 on three spots, two linking Rauner to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

One of the new anti-Rauner spots running only outside the Chicago area does not mention Trump because he is popular in downstate Illinois.

Rauner backs Trump and has been trying to avoid getting caught up in the various Trump controversies because he needs a united Illinois GOP base to get re-elected. The LIFT ad campaign, whose public face is state Sen. Daniel Biss, D-Evanston, is intended to make Rauner wear the Trump jacket.

Chicago-based Democratic ad maker Eric Adelstein said the spots are about “not allowing Republicans to duck and cover on their standard-bearer.”

The spot running in the Chicago area, set in a restaurant, has two men — portraying Rauner and Trump — grabbing their food off the table.

“Illinois has real problems, but the Trump Rauner Republicans are making it worse. . . . Democrats have a real plan that continues President Obama’s priorities.

The downstate spot is a cartoon featuring a Rauner character running around shaking money out of a house, school and Springfield, with the idea to mock Rauner’s claim he will “shake up Springfield.”

A narrator says, “Springfield’s got real problems. . . . Rauner and the Republicans are making it worse.”