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Lake County sheriff’s office warns of rise in ruse burglaries

A rise in Lake County ruse burglaries have prompted a community alert from the sheriff’s office.

Southern Lake County has experienced a rise in ruse burglaries in the last two months, according to a statement from the Lake County sheriff’s office.

Ruse burglaries happen when one robber lures a person outside of their home – usually with ploys of broken pipes, tree trimming or fence line questions – and another robber enters the home, targeting cash, jewelry and other items of value, the sheriff’s office said.

Residents should also be aware of ruse burglaries where the homeowner is distracted inside their home, the statement said. Senior citizens are often targeted in these burglaries.

“We encourage residents to keep a watchful eye on their neighborhood, especially looking out for our senior citizens,” Sheriff Mark Curran said. “Being vigilant and reporting anything out of the ordinary is the first line of defense against these criminals.”