A week of campaigning has done little to move voters in Chicago’s heated runoff race for mayor, a new poll shows.

Ogden & Fry released the results of its Saturday survey of 1,020 likely voters. Mayor Rahm Emanuel had 43.5 percent support of the respondents in the one-question poll, while challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia had 38 percent. Eighteen percent of respondents were undecided.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.13 percent.

Ogden & Fry repeated its contention that Hispanic voters are consistently underrepresented in the data, but it predicted black voters will determine the April 7 election.

Garcia spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin said in a statement the poll “illustrates that people of Chicago continue to reject Rahm Emanuel’s failed policies on education, public safety, jobs and economic security.”

“The mayor’s agenda of closing neighborhood schools, closing mental health clinics and gouging hard working families has had a devastating impact on all parts of the city, but particularly in African American and Latino households. You can’t destabilize the community and expect to maintain voter trust. People want direction, leadership and change and Chuy is the welcomed alternative.”

Emanuel campaign spokesman Steve Mayberry touted the mayor’s accomplishments in his own statement.

“When Rahm Emanuel took over four years ago, Chicago faced a $600 million deficit, companies and jobs were fleeing, and unfunded pensions threatened to bankrupt the city,” Mayberry said. “Since then, Rahm balanced the budget for four straight years,  personally recruited companies like Google and GE Transportation, and Chicago now leads all cities in job growth and as a place to invest. Even while he worked through budget challenges, Rahm found a way to extend full day kindergarten to every child in the city and renovate parks in every neighborhood.”

Ogden & Fry released results one week ago of two one-question polls it conducted for The Illinois Observer. Emanuel had 42.7 percent support to Garcia’s 38.7 percent in a Feb. 25 poll with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.07 percent.

The mayor had 42.9 percent support to Garcia’s 38.5 percent in a Feb. 28 poll with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percent.