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North Korea is thrilled with stabbing of U.S. ambassador

What happens when the U.S. ambassador to South Korea gets stabbed in the face and arm? North Korea applauds the “knife of justice” delivering “just punishment.”

Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed early Thursday while speaking at a breakfast forum in Seoul. KCNA, North Korea’s official news agency, said the attack, which included a “knife of justice” was a valid “expression of resistance” against the United States.

The attacker has been identified as Kim Ki-jong, and he reportedly screamed “South and North Korea should be reunified” while he launched the attack against Lippert.

Lippert had to have surgery to close the four-inch wound, which required 80 stitches. He later tweeted that he’s doing well.

North Korea has a long history of taking stabs at the United States through KCNA.

While insisting the U.S. government was behind the making of “The Interview,” North Kora said it was “sharpening bayonets” and U.S. “citadels” would be attacked.

North Korea also has refused to negotiate with the U.S. on denuclearization talks because it said the U.S. is too ‘gangster’