Back in December before taking office, Bruce Rauner spoke in front of the Illinois Farm Bureau, saying “I’m not going to be Mr. Popularity for a while.”

Some newly-released poll numbers are supporting that statement for the new governor.

A poll commissioned by The Illinois Observer and performed by Ogden & Fry shows 43 percent either “approve” or “strongly approve” of the job Rauner is doing as governor, while 28 percent “disapprove” or “strongly disapprove.” Of those polled, 28 percent either are “neutral” or have “no opinion.”

A We Ask America poll in January had Rauner’s approval rating at 52 percent.

“Bruce Rauner has had a very busy and aggressive first 30 days in office,” Ogden & Frey’s Tom Swiss wrote in the polling memo. “Tensions are running high in Springfield as he has started revealing some of his yet undisclosed positions. While the politicians don’t seem to like the change in status quo, 43% of voters either approve or strongly approve of his performance as Governor.”

The Ogden & Fry poll was conducted among a random sample of 903 voters and has a margin of error of +/- 3.32 percent.

On Wednesday, Rauner will present his state budget.

He’s required by law to develop a plan based on currently available funds. But the recent expiration of the state’s temporary income tax increase means a multi-billion dollar drop in revenue for the remainder of this fiscal year and next year.

Rauner has said he doesn’t want to raise income taxes, setting the stage for spending cuts and a battle with Democrats, who control the Legislature and support an increase.

Bruce Rauner approval rating poll