A leading abortion-rights group is putting a focus on comments Illinois Republican Rep. John Shimkus made in a House committee meeting discussing potential changes to the Affordable Care Act.

According to the Washington Post, Shimkus was going back and forth with Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle, Pa., at the start of a 27-hour-long House Energy and Commerce Committee about the revisions.

According to the Post:

As a reminder, former president Barack Obama’s signature 2010 health-care law ordered that all health plans cover certain essential health benefits, such as doctor visits, hospital care and prescription drugs.

The law also required plans to cover pregnancy and childbirth. That’s where the fireworks started in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

“What mandate in the Obamacare bill does he take issue with?” Doyle asked Shimkus, using the formal parlance of congressional committees.

“What about men having to purchase prenatal care?” Shimkus said.

At that point, one could hear the room start to stir.

“I’m just . . . is that not correct?” Shimkus said. “And should they?”

NARAL Pr0-Choice America, a staunch supporter of women’s rights, posted the exchange on Twitter, and it is now going viral.