Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, wants everyone to know that he cuts his own lawn. And for those who haven’t seen his campaign commercial, Grassley points out the very impressive setup he uses.

Grassley was on Washington Journal Thursday morning and was challenged by one caller on immigration, who accused all politicians of using illegal immigrants to cut their lawn. The caller also said that’s why most politicians won’t take a stronger stance against illegal immigration.

The senator was quick to correct the caller.

“He said that I hire people to cut my grass,” Grassley said. “I hope he reads the March edition of the Successful Farmer, so he can see me with my John Deere, little riding lawn mower, and I’ve got it set up so it pulls two push lawn mowers. So I mow 100 inches at a time, my own lawn.

“I don’t hire anybody to mow my lawn.”

And here’s visual proof of Grassley’s setup, from one of his campaign commercials:


You can watch the full exchange from C-Span.