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Sen. Kirk joins Republicans in calling for Supreme Court to recognize gay marriage nationally

Sen. Mark Kirk has joined more than 300 Republicans in filing an amicus brief calling for the Supreme Court to recognize the right to same-sex marriage on a national level. The news was first reported by TIME Magazine.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on April 28 in a case that could have a profound impact on marriage equality in the United States.

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The brief declares that signatories “share the view that laws that bar same-sex couples from the institution of civil marriage […] are inconsistent with the United States Constitution’s dual promises of equal protection and due process.”

The brief also touches on the familiar talking point of family values, going so far as to argue that a ban on same-sex marriage undermines the institution of marriage.

“These bans, by denying each member of an entire class of American citizens the right to marry the person he or she loves, discourage those important family values,” it states.

Kirk became the second Republican senator to support gay marriage in April 2013.

“Same-sex couples should have the right to civil marriage. Our time on this Earth is limited, I know that better than most,” Kirk said at the time. “Life comes down to who you love and who loves you back — government has no place in the middle.”

Other signatories include Sen. Susan Collins, 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Republican donor David Koch.

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