Steak & Shake

It was a campus rumpus.

The appearance of President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, lecturing at a students-only seminar at the University of Chicago on Wednesday, caused a campus protest.

It also caused a headache for David Axelrod, director of the university’s Institute of Politics, who invited former CNN seat mate Lewandowski, when campus groups demanded the invite be withdrawn, claiming it gave the Trump surrogate a platform for racism and violence.

“I was trying to put out a fire,” said Axelrod, who had earlier defended his decision not to disinvite Lewandowski because he argued shutting down people “with whom we disagree” is shutting down Democracy.

The noisy protest, attended by 100 students and bystanders outside the UC Quadrangle in Hyde Park, included a pinata of Donald Trump with a stick to go with it; speakers blasting a song stating “F—Donald Trump;” a gaggle of faces partially covered in scarves and bandannas; and students  chanting: “No ban. No wall. Trump regime has got to fall.”

• Buckshot: At one juncture, Chicago Police had to step in after protesters attempted to charge the Quad door after being urged by a speaker to “shut down the speech,” said Sneed’s legman, Francesca Gattuso.


• Backshot: Ironically, Lewandowski, who left CNN and is now a powerful Trump lobbyist who recently addressed the Lincoln Day luncheon in Springfield, helped organize the Trump rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus last year — which wound up being canceled by Trump when unrest ensued and police took charge.

So here’s the steak part of the story.

Although on the opposite sides of the political fence, both Axelrod and Lewandowski were expected to dine together after the fracas Wednesday night because of a bet  Lewandowski won.
“Hey, Axe owes me big time,” Lewandowski told Sneed recently.

“When Axe and I were both at CNN we made a bet,” he said. “I bet Axe that Mr. Trump would receive more black votes than Mitt Romney.

“Well, I won. So I bet Axe a giant steak dinner at the best restaurant in Chicago. But I’m going to up the ante and make him take me to dinner at Trump Tower!”

• Sneed to Axelrod: “Are you going to dine with Corey afterward at Trump Tower to make good on the bet?”

• Axelrod to Sneed: “Of course! I always pay off my bets. Trump Tower was not a part of it, however. This one was for dinner. I’ll choose the location!  Bad enough I have to pick up the tab!”

Hair Scare . . .

The Tress Mess: While the White House appears to be blowing apart, Trump’s hair was dramatically disrupted by a gust of wind this week.

It exposed a thinning hairline under a combover helmet of red floss — and an orange tan line on Trump’s forehead.

The expose prompted more social media comments on what appears to be Trump’s painted bronze complexion and what appears to be whiteness around his eyes caused by protective sun goggles.

Ah, hell. The nation’s got more to be concerned about than the guy rapper Busta Rhymes calls “President Agent Orange.”

Rauner & the View . . .

He’s moving! “I feel honored to live in the Springfield mansion,” claims Gov. Bruce Rauner — who has been instrumental in restoring the state’s old, moldy pile of bricks and falling plaster by helping raise $14 million in private funds.

• The kicker: In the meantime, the first family will move into a temporary residence at the state fairgrounds in Springfield in the next few weeks, where Rauner has been told he will have a new view to consider.

“We’ve been told we will be looking over the goat pens,” chuckled Rauner, who hopes the $15 million uplift will be completed by the summer of 2018, just in time to celebrate the state’s bi-centennial.

“The mansion can be a big tourism driver, and we are hoping to turn property next to the mansion into a beautiful tourist park,” he added.

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: Country star Michael Ray spotted brunching at Chicago Cut on Saturday. . . .  Today’s birthdays: The Weeknd, 27; Lupe Fiasco, 35, and Elizabeth Olsen, 28.