A ring and a prayer . . .

Who was that guy?

Who was the fella sitting in section 124, row 4, seat 6 at Wrigley Field during Game 4 of the World Series?

He needs to know what he was frantically seeking has been found.

Let’s unbake this cake.

Saturday Oct. 29, during the gut-wrenching loser between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, a young man in his mid 30s lost his wedding ring.


It was an Irish claddagh ring given to him by his wife on their wedding day.

“It was heartbreaking watching this guy diving under the seats and ripping through hot dog wrappers and peanut boxes to find it,” Triton College Board Chairman Mark Stephens said.

“I’m a season ticket holder and my seat was next to his and I noticed about halfway through the nerve-wracking game he was fiddling with his hand and spinning his ring,” Stephens said.

“The next thing you know, we were all trying to help him find the ring by tearing through the garbage under our chairs.

“We all felt terrible, but he figured the best thing to do was wait for the game to be over when everyone cleared out to resume the search for his ring.”

• The kicker: Two days later Stephens found the ring in the bag of Cubs souvenirs he had purchased at the game that night!

“It just fell out!”

“I was going through the bag on Halloween night two days after the game and bingo! There it was,” Stephens said.

“I even called the Cubs to see if we could find the guy, but they never got back to me.”

“I never got his name, but he appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, that his father was a retired Chicago fireman — and that he had also once worked for the Chicago Fire Department — and now lived in the suburbs.

“It would sure be nice to get this wedding ring back to him before Christmas!

• The plan: If you think you’re the rightful possessor of the lost ring, email a photo of yourself to Stephens at markstephens@triton.edu.

Who knows.

A Christmas claddagh miracle may be at hand.

Stay tuned.

The Quinn bin . . .

Former Gov. Pat Quinn has been busy these days posing for his portrait.


“I’m paying for it myself,” Quinn tells Sneed. “And I’ll be the first governor to do so.”

“It will eventually hang in the Hall of Governors in the State Capitol and it will be an unusual painting,” he said.

“Out of the ordinary.”

“Let’s say it will be an extraordinary portrait.”

So how extraordinary?

“Well, I’ve commissioned artist Bill Chambers to do it. It will be different. It will be unveiled sometime next year. I’ve been posing on and off for the past two years.”

• Q: Will Quinn be wearing his lucky purple tie?

• A: “I think it would be safe to expect that,” he said.

• Q: Will it include “Betsy,” Quinn’s old leather briefcase which has operated as his universal office outside the office for decades?

• A: “Well, there has been some thought given to that,” he said.

“Let’s just say I feel very strongly about this portrait. So let’s wait and see.”

The Rauner report . . .

Running with Rauner: President-elect Donald Trump may not know Gov. Bruce Rauner and Rauner may not like Trump, but Rauner is this this/close to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and that’s all that counts.


Power player . . .


Holy barista!

Here’s an oddball tip four years in advance: Howard Schultz, the guru behind Starbucks’ phenomenal success — who just resigned from office — is eyeing a run for president of the United States in four years.

The Axe file . . . 
Former Obama strategist David Axelrod, who was a frequent presence on CNN throughout the election cycle, has signed a new contract to continue as the network’s senior political commentator.

“CNN has given me a great opportunity to share the lessons learned over 40 years in politics and journalism,” he said. “It’s a relationship I hope will go on for years to come.”

Axelrod will continue with his day job as director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago and as host of his popular podcast “The Axe Files.”

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: “Chicago Fire” actors Taylor Kinney and Eamonn Walker spotted at Gibsons recently. . . . Actor Vincent “The Sopranos” Curatola at Lux Bar last Friday. . . . Comedian Chris Tucker at Chicago Cut on Thursday night. . . . Saturday’s birthdays: Pope Francis, 80; Chase Utley, 38, and Sarah Paulson, 42. . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Brad Pitt, 53; Steven Spielberg, 70, and Keith Richards, 73.