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Sneed: Manufacturer misfires, sends faulty ammo to CPD

A fatal police-involved shooting last week was the first captured on video by the new body cameras being worn by Chicago police officers. | Sun-Times file photo

Sneed hears a recent recall of cop ammunition is causing concern amongst the Chicago Police Department rank and file.

Word is the recall is for ammunition which was distributed to police officers after they had gone through their annual firearms inspection, which is required once a year.

The department supplies 50 rounds of ammunition a year to each police officer after they qualify on the range.

“We just sent out a blast to our members about what could be contaminated ammunition,” said Dean Angelo, who heads the Fraternal Order of Police. “We are very concerned.”

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the department, confirmed there had been an ammo issue at the CPD academy but said it already was being addressed.

“It definitely happened, and the manufacturer was at fault,” Guglielmi told Sneed.

He elaborated in a follow-up email:

“The Academy is currently doing an ammo swap. A few weeks ago CPD received ammunition and a small amount of rounds within the shipment didn’t meet our minimum quality assurance standards. The range staff brought this up to the manufacturer and they offered to swap the entire 100,000 round shipment with new ammunition. Per the range staff, there was never any safety risks for officers or academy staff and CPD only found a small amount that didn’t meet our specifications.”

Even so, the incident “could involve huge sums of money,” said a top Sneed source.

“But the most glaring part of this recall is the risk to officers safety,” the source added. “There are approximately 12,000 Chicago police officers and if any of them are out there carrying faulty ammo … it could also cause a misfire during a shootout.”

“The big question: Is this a police or a city hall issue? Who vetted the ammo? The police or the City Purchasing department?”

Sneed hears most of the ammo may be for 9-millimeter semi-automatic weapons, which is favored by the younger police officers. “But it could involve .40- and .38-caliber weapons,” the source said.