Sneed is told Chicago Fraternal Order of Police chief Dean Angelo, who represents the Chicago Police Department’s embattled and embittered rank and file, has been summoned to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss the deadly grip gun violence has on our city.

Sneed hears the meeting, which will also include Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as a cadre of Trump staff, is set for Tuesday.

Backshot: The National Fraternal Order of Police, headed by Chuck Canterbury, voted to endorse Trump in the national election.

Although Canterbury and members of National FOP executive board have also been invited, Sneed is told Angelo was the only president of a local municipal FOP to be personally invited by the Trump administration.

“The one person they wanted there was Dean Angelo,” said a top source.

“Angelo would want to be an active participant in the process if there is a consent decree forcing the city to make CPD changes,” said the source. “Especially if there is a federal oversight person in charge to ensure the city follows the final Department of Justice report on Chicago police in January.”

“He wants to ensure the federal resources we may be getting go where they are supposed to go.”

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Angelo, who is embroiled in a re-election battle next month against Kevin Graham, a police officer who works in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s district, dispatched a missive to his FOP membership late Friday informing them of the meeting in Washington with key members of the Trump administration.

It read: “Although the specifics of the date and meeting itself can’t be shared at present, the opportunity certainly allows president Angelo to further establish Lodge 7 on the national level.

“It comes as no surprise that the violence which continues to tear through our neighborhood has the attention of every media outlet from New York to Los Angeles. On more than one occasion President Trump referenced the bloodshed and shooting that seems to have Chicago in a death grip. We could only assume the topic of Chicago crime might find its way on the agenda.

“It may to include the necessity to impose a consent decree.

“To that point, President Angelo will carry the message of the working police to the White House in an attempt to ensure that your voices are not only heard but that our input toward any future federal supported solutions are seriously considered.”