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Ted Cruz gets trolled — by TedCruz.com

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When running for president, it’s important to control your own image.

It’s a little harder to do that when you don’t lock up your own domain names. And today, while Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is officially announcing his 2016 presidential bid, he’s getting trolled by TedCruz.com.

The site only consists of a homepage, but urges people to “support President Obama” on “immigration reform now!”

A WHOis.net search shows the pranksters registered the domain in April 2014.

Anyone who knows anything about Cruz will immediately recognize this isn’t a domain from the real Ted Cruz, considering how much of a vocal opponent he has been of Obama and his immigration actions. He’s gone as far as accuse the Obama administration of “counterfeiting immigration documents.”

But TedCruz.com isn’t the only site trolling Cruz. Tedcruzforamerica.com redirects to Healthcare.gov.

His official website is TedCruz.org.

All of this is a cautionary tale on how public figures — especially politicians running for office — should lock up any and all domain names that could be associated with them.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also learned that lesson, after CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater, a self-described “tech bear” couple, bought www.jebbushforpresident.com and are using it as a platform to educate people on the impact of politics on LGBT families.