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Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare, but still wants to kill it

Previously on a crusade to kill Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said he is signing up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act, CNN reports.

He made the revelation just a day after announcing he’s running for president.

Now that his wife, Heidi, has gone on leave from Goldman Sachs for the duration of his 2016 campaign, the senator no longer has access to health insurance through his wife’s employer.

“We’ll be getting new health insurance and we’ll presumably do it through my job with the Senate, and so we’ll be on the federal exchange with millions of others on the federal exchange,” Cruz told CNN.

Cruz denied that there was anything ironic about the move, saying he was simply following the law.

“I believe we should follow the text of every law, even (a) law I disagree with,” Cruz told CNN. “It’s one of the real differences — if you look at President Obama and the lawlessness, if he disagrees with a law he simply refuses to follow it or claims the authority to unilaterally change.”

But just because he’s going on Obamacare doesn’t mean he’ll stop pushing for the “unacceptable” law from being repealed.

“It has caused millions of people to lose their insurance, to lose their doctors and to face skyrocketing insurance premiums,” Cruz told CNN.

In a little more than 24 hours, we’ve learned a lot about Cruz.

For example: