President Donald Trump has been tweeting — and re-tweeting — up a storm this Sunday morning, tackling subjects including his “rocket man” nemesis, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un; his own worth to Twitter, reportedly estimated at $2 billion, and much, much more.

There’s even a re-tweet about his golf swing and Hillary Clinton. But first, on Kim:

Trump’s tweet comes in the wake of him saying his country is nearing its goal of “equilibrium” in military force with the United States. Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the North’s “highly provocative” ballistic missile launch over Japan on Friday.

Next, his value to Twitter, re-tweeted from Bloomberg Markets:

On the most recent terror attack in London, the Internet, his travel ban and military strategy:

On his donation to Hurricane Harvey victims:

And, finally, some illustrations and video the president has re-tweeted. And, yes, he did re-tweet the last one (be sure to hit play):

Contributing: Associated Press