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VIDEO: Election Day in Illinois with video updates

Stay tuned to Early & Often for video posts throughout the night, as returns roll in. 

For past video interviews with candidates visit Early & Often’s election video page.

Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti accept victory, despite Quinn’s lack of concession and plea to count every vote.

The last voter at Welles Park in Chicago voted at 3AM

Judy Baar Topinka’s victory speech after winning re-election as state comptroller.

Sheila Simon concedes defeat in comptroller race

Crowd awaits Bruce Rauner

Brad Schneider concedes defeat in the Illinois house 10th district

Dick Durbin speaks after winning the Illinois senate race

Jim Oberweis concedes defeat in the Illinois senate race.

Natasha Korecki updates the Senate race and why some polls are remaining open as late as 9PM.

Lynn Sweet breaks down some of the biggest spenders in the 2014 election cycle from Illinois. 

As voters headed out to the polls on Tuesday, Early & Often visited some of the more colorful polling spots:

Voters in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the south side of Chicago headed to New Beginnings church to cast their votes on Election Day. They talked about how the pastor, Corey Brook’s support for Republicans Bruce Rauner and Jim Oberweis affecte their votes.