Caring. That’s the calling card of this workers’ comp lawyer who fights for first responders, factory workers and the little guy and gal.

SHARE Caring. That’s the calling card of this workers’ comp lawyer who fights for first responders, factory workers and the little guy and gal.

The official photograph of Brent Eames, the founder of Eames Law Group, Ltd.


Do you read about Amazon’s warehouse expansion plans and cringe at the thought of other people working under the brutal deadlines that you do?

Have you gritted your teeth while filling out endless forms for an insurance benefit you thought was guaranteed?

Felt invisible as Congress debates paid leave, knowing that your employer would likely punish you if you ever need to use it?

Find yourself smiling as you read the news that workers on strike turned October into “Striketober” — because workers in a tight job market are enjoying their biggest bargaining leverage in 30 years?

Then, when you need help — whether your issue is workers’ comp, an on-the-job injury, or a situation arising from post-traumatic stress disorder — turn to the Eames Law Group.

Brent Eames, the founder, grew up in DeKalb, the son of a union carpenter father and a union teacher mother. In fact, his mother worked two jobs, including customer service at a pharmacy.

“I always wanted to represent working people,” says Eames, who went to Western Illinois University on a swimming scholarship and then to Northern Illinois University College of Law.

His calling card? Caring.

“I always wanted to represent working people.”

Caring enough to win an appeal compensation for a cop who developed severe lung problems after he busted a meth lab and inhaled the illegal drug’s vapors. The police officer received a lifetime of disability benefits to protect himself and his family after he lost his ability to perform his duties.

Caring enough to listen and delve into the intricacies of first responders’ PTSD reality, pushing past the fact that the disabling triggers and reactions will never show up on an MRI or a diagnostic film. 

Caring enough to hire a lawyer in the firm who is fluent in Polish so no detail is missed in translation.

Caring enough to win a judgment, and its appeal, for an elderly line worker at an Amazon factory who had to fight the online giant to pay for her on-the-job back injury, so severe it required surgery. The worker won a Workers’ Compensation Commission award.

Caring enough not to try to fool you. It’s the law in Illinois — not a marketing gimmick — that attorneys get no up-front fees when they file personal injury or workers’ comp complaints. You don’t pay anything unless the lawyer wins compensation.

That’s what caring is all about.

That’s what you’ll get when you contact Eames Law Group, Ltd.

Eames Law Group, Ltd.

47 W. Polk Street, Ste. 320

Chicago, Illinois 60605

Tel: 312-818-2855

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