Polling Place: After Zach LaVine, who’s the one player the Bulls can’t live without?

The people have spoken — on that, as well as on the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ chances to make the playoffs. Also: Who wants to go to a baseball game?

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Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls

Who’s the (No. 2) MVP of the Bulls huddle?

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In this week’s “Polling Place” — your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter — we took the temperatures of respondents to find out if they’re itching to go to a big-league baseball game.

The “yeses” have it. By a lot.

“But they should have you bring proof of vaccination,” commented @JimDorrell, and wisely, as far as some of us undoubtedly are concerned.

We also asked about the Blackhawks and the Bulls. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but neither team is terrible this season. In fact, both are in the early mix for playoff spots. But which team has a better shot to come through?

Finally, we asked for the Bulls’ MVP not counting Zach LaVine. Is that kind of like asking for the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu as long as it isn’t over $30? No need to answer that.

“In Stacey King voice, ‘Thadgic’ with the magic!” commented @chi73girl.

And @IJayHawk: “If you didn’t pick Thad, explain yourself.”

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: If fans are allowed at Cubs and White Sox games at some point this season, will you go?

Upshot: At this date, it doesn’t seem far-fetched at all that tickets will be sold and gates will be opened to some numbers of fans on the North and South sides. When that time will come is unknowable, though it stands to reason Chicago will exercise more patience on this front than many other MLB cities. As more people receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, the “yeses” surely will go up.

Poll No. 2: Both the Blackhawks and the Bulls would be in the playoffs if they started today. Which team is more likely to make it in the end?

Upshot: The Hawks by a few whiskers, eh? They’ve got a good thing going on right, no doubt about that. The goaltending has been shockingly good. The power play has been reborn. The youngsters are making legit contributions. Patrick Kane is on fire, which never hurts. Come to think of it, not does it hurt to play the comically bad Red Wings a bunch of times. Hey, twice more this weekend!

Poll No. 3: After Zach LaVine, who’s the Bulls MVP so far this season?

Upshot: Wouldn’t it be nice to know where Lauri Markkanen would land in a discussion like this one? Or Wendell Carter Jr.? Markkanen has missed more than half the Bulls’ games. Carter missed a significant chunk, though it’s easy to see how much his presence solidifies things. Put it this way: If the answer is still Young after another 40 games, it might not be the best sign.

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