Baseball quiz: January feels even colder

This year is starting oddly without certainty that baseball is beginning in mere weeks. Here’s another quiz to tide you over.

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Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox

Mark Buehrle delivers against the Blue Jays on Sept. 27, 2011, at U.S. Cellular Field.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

At the end of an ordinary January, I would be cold and a little worn out from winter. But I would be uplifted knowing that there would be baseball next month. Sadly, this is no ordinary January. 

So bundle up, and good luck on this week’s quiz.

1. Which Chicago pitcher has picked up the most wins since the start of the 2000 season?

a. Jon Lester

b. Carlos Zambrano

c. Mark Buehrle

d. Jon Garland

2. Who is the most recent Chicago batter to pick up 100+ walks in a season?

a. Sammy Sosa

b. Carlos Pena

c. Adam Dunn

d. Jim Thome

3. We have spoken about many Chicago managers, but we haven’t mentioned much about Lee Elia, who might be best-known for an obscenity-laced rant that is not safe for work or just about any environment. Who recorded this classic tirade?

a. Les Grobstein

b. Les Grobstein

c. Les Grobstein

d. Les Grobstein

4. The Postal Service recently announc­ed its stamps for 2022. There are no baseball stamps, nor any stamps celebrating lockouts. Throughout the years, there have been many stamps celebrating our game (baseball, not the quiz). Which of these had a commemorating stamp? True or false for each, please.

a. Wrigley Field

b. Baseball Bugs Bunny

c. Comiskey Park

d. Mighty Casey

5. We hear a lot about triple-doubles in basketball, but who was the only Chicago batter with a three-double game in 2021?

a. Javy Baez

b. Luis Robert

c. Jose Abreu

d. Anthony Rizzo

6. Here’s a Hall of Fame question: When Dave Winfield picked up his 3,000th hit, which former Chicago pitcher did he hit it off?

a. Bruce Sutter

b. Ferguson Jenkins

c. Dennis Eckersley

d. Greg Maddux

7. Here’s an actual question from Jeopardy! The category is Baseball Geography, and the answer is “After Alaska, this is the largest state without a major-league team.” Remember, your response must be in the form of a question.

8. On this date in 1958, the first six-figure contract in National League history was signed. Who inked this $100,000 deal?

a. Willie Mays

b. Hank Aaron

c. Ernie Banks

d. Stan Musial

9. Iconic singer Meat Loaf recently died. On his classic song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” who provided the (ahem) play-by-play?

a. Jack Buck

b. Harry Caray

c. Mel Allen

d. Phil Rizzuto


1. Mark Buehrle compiled 214 wins, 161 while pitching for the Sox, the most of any Chicago pitcher.

2. Carlos Pena walked 101 times in 2011, but Adam Dunn walked 105 times in 2012 and is our guy.

3. “The Grobber,” Les Grobstein

4. All true. Wrigley and Comiskey were part of the 2001 Legendary Fields series. Bugs Bunny came out in 2020, and Mighty Casey was part of the 1996 Folk Heroes collection.

5. On Sept. 11, the White Sox lost to the Red Sox 9-8, and Luis Robert went 4-for-5 with three doubles.

6. On Sept. 16, 2003, Dave Winfield, playing for the Twins, singled off the A’s Dennis Eckersley.

7. What is Montana?

8. Stan Musial, the 37-year-old Cardinals legend who won his seventh batting title, hitting .354 in 1957, accepted a $20,000 raise.

9. “The Scooter” Phil Rizzuto.

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