Polling Place: Which season did respondents say is the best for sports?

Winter, spring, summer or fall? All you’ve got to do is make the call.

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Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings

Bears running back David Montgomery plows ahead in 2021.

Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Winter, spring, summer or fall?

All you’ve got to do is make the call.

In this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we wanted to know (with apologies to the great James Taylor) which is the best season for sports.

“Springtime,” @ChiTownSports commented, “when the pucks and baseballs are flying around.”

Basketballs, too. And footballs! You know, the USFL. OK, fine, never mind the “footballs” part.

“Fall,” @chris_burbano wrote, “because of NFL and college football, plus you get hockey and the MLB playoffs.”

October is when the NBA gets cracking, too. Undoubtedly because of football more than anything else, a majority of respondents went with fall.

But not @FatDudeRunning, who offered this in regard to Chicago’s sports scene: “Winning-it-all season would definitely be the best one. Can we get one of those?”

We also asked for your NBA Finals prediction — Celtics or Warriors? — and invited you to look at the four Stanley Cup playoff semifinalists and pick an eventual champ. On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Which is the best season for sports?

Upshot: Do the Bears really bring you people this much joy? What about baseball’s spring training (winter) and football’s fall camps (summer)? What about the college basketball postseason (winter and spring) and all those summer sports we actually can — here’s a concept — go out and play ourselves? Come to think of it, @FatDudeRunning probably nailed it: The best season is whenever one of our teams is in the mix to win it all.

Poll No. 2: Who’s your pick to win the NBA Finals?

Upshot: You should know that some of the voting occurred before the Celtics shook up the basketball world with a 40-16 fourth quarter in Game 1. If you were rolling with the Dubs heading in, do you change picks now that they’re down 1-0? Most probably wouldn’t, and that’s because we all know Steph Curry and his pals can still outshoot anybody on any night, in any gym.

Poll No. 3: Which will be the last team standing in the NHL?

Upshot: When your backup goalie — in this case, the Avs’ Pavel Francouz — gets a start and shuts out an opponent as ridiculously talented at the offensive end as Edmonton is, you know you’ve got everything going. How strong are the Avs? Strong enough that their 2-0 series leads seems impenetrable and a first Cup title in over two decades seems almost inevitable.

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