Baseball quiz: The many dynamic duos in MLB history

Such pairs of players come in all forms. This week’s quiz is about some of baseball’s best.

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Babe Ruth (left) and Lou Gehrig.


The Dynamic Duo is a South Korean hip-hop duo made up of rappers Choiza and Gaeko. Our weekly gathering is not about them. When I think of Dynamic Duo, I more frequently think of the unofficial name for the recurring partnership between Batman and Robin because that was the first time I heard that phrase.

A dynamic duo refers to two people who each have unique traits that create positive or beneficial results when they work together. This season, I have been referring to Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, the 1-2 batters for the Dodgers, as the Dynamic Duo. They have been that great.

In this week’s quiz, we will expand the definition of a DD to stay within our theme. You know my personal dynamic duo is ‘‘have fun and learn a lot,’’ and I encourage you to do that as you play along.

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