American Pharoah changes jobs, paints picture worth $5,000

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A Moneigh painted by Triple Crown winner American Pharoah. | Screenshot from eBay

American Pharoah has taken his talents from the track to … canvas?

The Triple Crown-winning horse has a painting (pictured above) currently selling for $5,200 on eBay. There are 35 bids on the artwork.

To be clear, this isn’t a painting of American Pharoah, it’s a painting by the famed thoroughbred.

“Moneigh” paintings are created by thoroughbred racehorses using non-toxic, washable paint, according to the listing. Various colors are placed on a palette, and the horse is then encouraged to nuzzle the paint, getting it on his or her nose. An artist’s pad is then placed before them, which they are allowed to snort, lick and smudge the paint on. When finished, a unique piece of artwork with colorful swirls and streaks exists.

The listing includes this photo of American Pharoah making the painting.


Proceeds from the auction go to charities benefiting ex-racehorses, according to the listing.

And if $5,200 is too rich for you, you can get Kentucky Derby runner-up Firing Line’s Moneigh for just $153 right now.

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