Beat the Champs: A really big day, 1st sectional

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It was a champion sight Saturday in Orland Park.

There were 228 bowlers spread over 4850 lanes at Orland Bowl in the biggest sectional for bowlers rolling at the same time in the 55 years of Beat the Champions.

Erica Merritt, John Burica and Anthony Arrington came up biggest in the Section 4/Will County sectional.

Burica and Arrington topped the 124 men with 781s. Merritt edged Deborah Andersonby one pin–755-754–for best among the 104 women.

“I was in a group with good ladies [lanes 23-24],’’ said Merritt, a Chicago woman who is marketing manager for the World’s Finest Chocolate. “I started slow, but was able to kick out two good games.’’

Good thing, because Merritt, who advanced from Burr Oak Bowl, only had eight pins of handicap. Handicap in BTC is 90 percent of the difference league average is under 210.

Burica, who advanced from Palos Lanes, also only had eight pins of handicap. But he made good use of 14 strikes in a row from the first game to second. He had a 4-9 split on the 11th ball in the second game to just miss his first 300.

“I didn’t have to move most of the day,’’ said Burica, a Palos Heights man who is an electrical engineer for Scientific Games in Chicago. “I got lined up in practice and it never varied much.’’

Arrington, who also advanced from Burr Oak, rolled a scratch 781, including a 279 in the second game.

“It was a great look,’’ said Arrington, a Blue Island man who is a DEG technician for AT&T. “I was just hoping I could keep carrying.’’

In the first 54 years the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association cosponsored BTC, more than 5.7 million entries from league bowlers have carried on the charitable tradition, raising more than $2.7 million so far.

And again, the top prize in the both the women’s winner (Lan-Oak Lanes, March 6) and men’s (Elk Grove Bowl, March 13) will win a Ford Focus from the Chicagoland Ford Dealers.

Below are the results, pending verification

Beat The Champs

Section 4/Will County Sectional

Orland Bowl, Orland Park

Saturday’s Results

(Top 14 women and 13 men advance, pending verification)


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDC–TOT

Erica Merritt, Burr Oak 212-267-268-8–755

Deborah Anderson, Dolton 218-223-214-99–754

Helen Griffth, Castaways 200-220-186-132–738

Maggie Suchoski, Palos 279-226-225-0–730

Lela Page, Dolton 260-149-257-59–725

Jennifer Bland, Castaways 200-237-200-64–710

Jacqui Simpson, Burr Oak 203-222-182-102–709

Sheila Barney-Shannon, Lakewood 191-206-161-148–706

Audrey Tarker Lewis, Dolton 214-194-180-118–706

Melody McCray, Centennial 185-202-223-94–704

Wilma Williams, Tinley 171-152-210-170–703

Betty Tucker, Castaways 220-144-235-102–701

Deborah Hargrave, Palos 200-236-193-64–693

Colleen Gallagher, Oak Forest 168-191-227-105–691

Marilyn Lewis, Dolton 170-178-191-148–687

Autumn Lee, Town & Country 199-276-174-37–686

Ame Barclay, Arena 168-170-195-151-684

Phyllis Hunt, Palos 151-191-230-110–682

Courtney o’Donovan, Orland 193-195-212-81–681

Anthonette Alexander, Lakewood 129-138-170-243–680

Kelly Kintz, Tinley 171-202-168-137–678

Veronica Wilson, Oak Forest 146-153-172-207-678

Hilary Sowa, Centennial 143-140-151-243–677

Sharen Gosha, Lakewood 156-178-171-170–675

Alicia Maze, El-Mar 244-168-177-86–675

Jessie Dodd, Dolton 152-168-178-172–670

Wanda Black-Hendrix, Dolton 210-158-161-137–666

Heather Krohn, Laraway 190-183-183-110–666

Ellen Sykes, Burr Oak 181-195-182-108–666

Stefanie Horn, Peotone 188-180-176-121–665

Loretta James, Dolton 198-199-186-72–665

Erica Bergstrom, Oak Forest 211-185-171-97–664

Linda Franklin, Castaways 183-215-170-94–662

Donna Nagel, Arena 180-105-164-213–662

Frances Smith, Lakewood 143-233-149-137–662

Lori Danner, Orland 168-190-163-140–661

Krystyn Katsibubas, Orland 167-159-147-183–656

Maureen Fournier, Arena 164-182-183-124–653

Shelly Tsilis, Peotone 149-164-181-159–653

Adrienne Sims, Tinley 151-193-206-102–652

Analis Ramirez, Oak Forest 190-171-176-113–650

Lauren Chibe, Palos 117-187-145-202–651

Celeste Hlouschek, Oak Forest 144-126-201-178–649

Tina Buss, Centennial 154-172-195-126–647

Kelli Bollman, Orland 153-189-192-113–647

Jacinta Holston-Paige, Dolton 144-168-148-186–646

Pam Paris, Tinley 140-200-125-129–644

Carolyn Estes, Dolton 151-179-161-148–639

Monique Wilson, Castaways 183-162-189-105-639

Betty Wilson, Burr Oak 117-142-180-199–638

Karen Bell-Jackson, Dolton 179-166-175-116–636

Carrie Dresden, Orland 124-164-132-216–636

Regina Givens, Burr Oak 197-207-172-59–635

Karen Kozy, Lynwood 173-179-202-81–635

Carol Mitchell, Castaways 217-148-192-78–635

Kim Wills, Oak Forest 176-177-183-97–633

Andrea Stack, El-Mar 121-201-132-178–632

Davina Bickcom, Castaways 142-157-147-183–629

Evelyn Martin, Arena 179-171-141-135–626

Angie Gasca, Palos 167-213-166-78–624

Michelle Miller, Tinley 196-155-224-48–623

Tonya Parker, Burr Oak 147-170-183-121–621

Sara Davis-Sisk, Dolton 190-135-166-124–615

Freddie Johnson, Burr Oak 150-139-124-202–615

Brenda Adams, Centennial 153-139-163-159–614

Carolyn Johnson, Dolton 135-191-136-151-613

Valerie Gaines, Burr Oak 114-151-161-186–612

Elinor Chandler, Dolton 190-173-193-54–610

Nicole Wulf, Lan-Oak 193-165-169-81–608

Dayle Dudzinski, Palos 108-129-127-243–607

Lavonne Williams, Arena 158-186-112-151–607

Jeny Tan, El-Mar 139-137-136-194–606

Carol Lowman, Laraway 135-143-133-194–605

Nicole Cassell, Arena 182-13-110-178–603

Renee Shores, Dolton 161-154-170-118–603

Niki Kemperas, Arena 125-135-141-199–600

Laura Kozicki, Arena 135-182-164-118–599

Sia Papadopoulos, Orland 157-157-169-116–599

Shiela Branch, Arena 145-178-192-83–598

Marilyn Caputo, Orland 144-161-169-123–597

Amy Becker, Tinley 127-153-102-382-213–595

Diana Favero, Orland 128-154-188-124–594

Carolyn Harper, Lakewood 134-119-133-207–593

Shiela Payne, Burr Oak 148-135-143-159–585

Jean Dyer, Lakewood 147-137-120-180–584

Debbie Hayslett, Dolton 127-99-140-218–584

Heloise Heard, Castaways 154-135-118-175–580

Donna Maxey, Burr Oak 180-192-193-110-575

Pat Prosser, Orland 131-126-127-191–575

Sabrina Williams, Castaways 146-209-168-48–571

Odessa Council, Dolton 110-147-93-218–568

Cris Ruisz, Orland 156-152-158-102–568

Gina Gato, Plainfield 149-115-128-175–567

Susan Byczynski, Orland 115-156-130-164–565

Rosetta Harrell, Lakewood 171-129-115-145–560

Gayle Mcinnis, Oak Forest 137-155-123-145–560

Barbara Zaczek, Palos 145-156-133-124–558

Tara Assink, Orland 101-115-157-178–551

Kristal Schultz, Oak Forest 177-182-152-29–540


Anthony Arrington, Burr Oak 267-279-235-0–781

John Burica, Palos 222-287-264-8–781

Donald MinefeeGordon, Castaways 234-244-216-78–772

Keith Plochartzyk, Arena 223-255-198-94–770

John Aardsma, Oak Forest 224-232-181-113–750

Raymond Gosha, Lakewood 182-157-253-164–756

Kevin Kullman, Centennial 243-279-226-0–748

Amos Nelson, Castaways 227-201-225-91–744

Billy Freeman, Lakewood 289-204-247-0–740

Darnell Bullock, Dolton 213-201-198-126–738

Marc Adkins, Dolton 204-215-214-102–735

George Outman, Orland 239-245-237-0–721

Jeffrey Sparrow, Dolton 246-172-202-97–717

Adam Burns, Dolton 257-258-201-0–716

Caprice Walters, Burr Oak 163-226-210-116–715

Jarrett Tinman, Palos 224-214-196-81–715

*Kenneth Weaver, Castaways 193-214-300-8–715

Mark Luster V, Burr Oak 256-220-215-18–709

Paul Sowa, Centennial 226-190-204-86–706

Derrick Bund, Burr Oak 189-222-216-78–705

Anatol Denysenko, Palos 189-259-247-8–703

Mark Lee, Castaways 180-225-180-116–701

Travis Mitchell, Dolton 248-236-215-0–699

Jeremy Clayton, Burr Oak 257-248-168-24–697

[Added] Donald Minifee, Castaways 204-200-222-70–696

Jason Mitchell, Orland 233-214-247-0–694

Ed Krol, Orland 233-239-221-0–693

Robert Odenbach, Orland 237-215-238-2–692

Ed Lowery, Arena 172-226-226-67–691

Terill Dorsey, Burr Oak 247-191-230-21–689

Rich O’Sullivan, Arena 242-233-211-2–688

Matt Krebs, Oak Forest 203-279-205-0–687

Chris Ganczewski, Orland 202-170-139-175–686

Kevin Comiskey, Arena 245-258-171-10–684

David Harris, Lakewood 198-242-192-51–683

Filip Mazur, El-Mar 213-237-215-16–681

Quintin Bush, Castaways 227-188-184-81–680

Gary Cope, Oak Forest 189-233-256-0–678

Brian Nendza, Orland 217-236-225-0–678

Ryan Smith, Dolton 181-245-252-0–678

Larry Reed, Burr Oak 210-194-214-59–677

Otis Bowden Jr, Castaways 219-216-204-35–674

Lathan Estelle, Lakewood 148-129-207-189–673

Brian Timmons, Centennial 249-213-202-8–672

John Toby Ruggiero, Peotone 112-190-180-189–671

James Barrett, Dolton 232–223-136-78–669

Paul Hodges, Peotone 211-189-155-113–668

Marvin Baiter, Palos 212-176-210-70–668

Dennis Bartkus, Palos 173-216-229-48–666

Kenneth Portee, Dolton 203-165-189-108–665

Ryan Tholl, Tinley 169-162-143-189-663

Steven Thompson Jr, Lakewood 172-233-193-62–660

Freddie Bourgoyne Jr, Dolton 176-183-107-189–655

Barry Smith, Castaways 200-186-159-110–655

Sam Rolph, Orland 196-204-253-0–653

Steve Garuceas, Orland 243-173-235-0–651

Michael Fenton, Oak Forest 209-194-193-54–650

Carl Jensen, Orland 202-205-168-75–650

Queonte’ Byrd, Castaways 195-196-185-72–648

Clifford Bonner, Burr Oak 213-203-169-62–647

Ronald Robinson, Oak Forest 198-189-190-70–647

Jeffrey Hunt, Oak Forest 146-183-154-164–647

Richard Griffis, Dolton 168-225-212-40–645

James Spielman, Tinley 201-169-197-78–645

Dan Lyman Sr, Oak Forest 178-190-205-70–643

Frank Kozlowski, Oak Forest 183-206-189-64–642

Shawn Rhodes, Dolton 225-218-178-21–642

Doug Mavrovic, Tinley 192-169-170-110–641

Andy Kubitz, Orland 178-210-114-78–640

Keith Rudowicz, Tinley 178-236-202-24–640

Tim Smith, El-Mar 204-210-222-0–636

James Rollins, Dolton 126-192-204-113–635

Jason Maciejewski, Orland 237-184-213-0–634

Alan Kovac, Orland 211-178-214-27–630

Kevin Montelpasse, Tinley 222-146-139-121–625

Kimothy Randall, Dolton 166-147-179-129–621

John Phelan, Laraway 157-165-147-151–620

Michael Shelton Sr, Dolton 173-183-173-89–618

Keith McKeighen, Orland 245-177-188-8–618

Ken Burza, Laraway 202-164-195-54–615

Ralph Robertson, Arena 204-200-194-16–614

Rich Brann, Lan-Oak 199-191-223-0–613

James Ferrell, Castaways 138-169-182-118–607

Ronald Harwig, Oak Forest 209-148-159-91–607

Carl Rhodes, Oak Forest 165-165-175-99–604

Harold Gaines, Burr Oak 166-173-160-102–604

Walter Green, Castaways 146-147-149-162–604

John Urban, Plainfield 202-211-190-0–603

Joquan Booth, Arena 148-136-128-187–601

Charles Copher, Palos 132-191-169-108–600

Mark Cohen, Burr Oak 183-195-178-40–596

Vince Perillo, Orland 130-176-204-83–593

Dave Morano, Oak Forest 206-173-154-59-592

Johnny Jamison, Oak Forest 158-184-136-113–591

Antwon Jackson, Lakewood 137-157-179-113–586

Michael Gunther, Orland 159-202-225-0–586

Bob Fila, Tinley 184-141-123-137–585

Allen Jenkins, Dolton 154-218-206-5–583

Clyde Ellzey, Tinley 160-158-158-105–581

Stanley Mckinney, Dolton 186-147-141-105–579

Darren Snuckel, Lan-Oak 202-234-137-0–573

Jeff Saper, Arena 159-149-185-83–576

William Izar, Dolton 163-168-191-51–573

Chester Wilburn, Lan-Oak 180-171-179-40–570

Tony Yakes, Palos 167-202-194-0–563

Steven Thompson Sr, Lakewood 149-167-166-81–563

Doug Sandberg, Peotone 120-146-143-151–560

Eric Collier, Arena 110-168-139-140–557

Rameses Cox-Bey, Arena 156-191-131-78–556

Lovell Wilson, Castaways 131-161-157-99–548

Dick Poore, Oak Forest 184-141-186-37–548

Steve Dicharia, Oak Forest 198-1891-158-0–547

Ronald Tyler, Burr Oak 165-173-159-37–534

Kristopher Perteet, Arena 131-139-127-135–532

Eugene Herron Jr, Castaways 158-177-145-35–515

Darrius Turner, Lakewood 85-122-109-189–505

#Adam Kucera, Arena 197-112-0-124-433

*300 game

#Withdrew injury

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