Fox Valley & Section 1 sectionals: Beat the Champs

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Bowling the Fox Valley sectional of Beat the Champions at Wheaton Bowl.Credit: Dale Bowman

Dave Malesky rolled a beast of a final game 278 to win the men’s side Sunday at the Fox Valley sectional of the 55th Beat the Champions at Wheaton Bowl. He totaled a 749, which included 43 pins of handicap.

Tracy Woodward-Schwind rolled her own 278 in the second game to top the women’s side with a 702, which included 97 pins of handicap.

In BTC, bowlers who average below 210 receive 90 percent of the difference as handicap.

“I stayed in the same spot all day,’’ said Malesky, a Glen Ellyn man who works shipping and receiving. “I just released the ball the way I am supposed to.’’

He was rolling the retired Columbia 300 Super Beast ball–“I’ve been trying to find another one’’–and reached the finals for the second time.

Woodward-Schwind is also making her second trip to the finals.

In the finals, both the women’s winner (Lan-Oak Lanes, March 6) and men’s (Elk Grove Bowl, March 13) win a Ford Focus from the Chicagoland Ford Dealers.

“I just sped up a lot,’’ said Woodward-Schwind, an Elgin woman who is a scientist working on making ethanol from corn stalks. `I picked up speed a lot, but kept my timing.’’


Christina Daniello and Steven Paradowski won the Section 1 sectional at their home center of River Rand Bowl in Des Plaines.

Daniello, who has auditioned for “The Voice” and “American Idol,” hit a high “C” in her final game to slip past Lynn Letman for the women’s title, 708-702. Daniello, a billing agent from Addison, had games of 127-192-233, with 156 handicap pins.

“I learned from the [Champs] finals last year,” Daniello said. “I let myself get psyched out because I didn’t adjust well to the lanes; but not today.”

Paradowski won his first sectional on games of 192-226-223 with 86 handicap pins for 727.

“I’ve entered Champs for 20 years; but this year, just me and one other guy from our league got in,” said Paradowski, an accountant from Schaumburg. “Now I can tell them that anyone who enters has a shot at winning.”

The real winners in BTC are the charities. In the first 54 years the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association cosponsored BTC, more than 5.7 million entries from league bowlers raised more than $2.7 million.

(Lydia Rypcinski covered Section 1)

* * * *

Fox Valley Sectional

Wheaton Bowl

(Top three women and top four men advance, pending verificiation)

Sunday’s results


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Dave Malesky, Fox 220-208-278-43–749

Tony O’Donnel, Four Seasons 252-220-212-0–684

Parks Hisey, Liberty 173-267-220-10–670

Ed Czlapinski, Liberty 189-227-243-0–659

Collin Martin, Hometown 179-199-140-124–642

William Rodriguez, Fox 233-245-164-0–642

John Ehlers, Poplar Creek 161-261-212-0–634

Dennis Bullman, Fox 160-171-181-121–633

Michael Dyczynski, Fox 192-195-243-0–630

Jeff Kincaid, Fox 136-128-176-183–623

Tom Klatt II, Hometown 162-129-203-118–612

Tim Floss, Lisle 131-192-214-75–612

Emil Kreibach, Funway 227-156-172-56–611

Charlie Jump, Hometown 191-157-167-94–609

Joe Spoonmore, Hometown 201-178-227-0–606

Tyler Dameron, Fox 235-162-156-48–601

Matt Dosen, Fox 183-172-190-56–601

Brad Royalty, Mardi Gras 205-193-203-0–601

Scott Norman, Wheaton 142-131-173-153–599

Mark Toppel, Bowlway 214-194-191-0–599

Tyler Hewey, Lisle 167-178-178-75–598

Robert Dichl, Mardi Gras 180-180-155-72–587

Jason Eggert, Wheaton 171-210-178-27–586

Matt Niesen, Fox 179-195-207-0–581

Robert Stubbe, Hometown 148-118-157-143–566

James Taylor, Four Seasons 225-177-145-13–560

Eric Cote, Mardi Gras 178-157-224-0–559

Barry Lawler, Liberty 225-157-176-0–558

Josh Boatman, Idle Hour 159-167-141-86–553

Ken Wolski, Fox 125-134-101-189–549

Mike Strnad, Poplar Creek 191-178-171-5–545

Dennis Kippes, Mardi Gras 200-150-189-0–539

Joe Siedlecki, Lisle 160-224-140-13–537

Timothy Bujak, Poplar Creek 140-171-185-27–523

Steve Maciejewski, Mardi Gras 134-216-164-0–514

Michael Kross Fox 134-170-181-0–485

Randy Gorawlewski, Fox 169-163-125-8–465


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Tracy Woodward-Schwind, Liberty 154-278-173-97–702

Teri Derby, Liberty 128-211-194-118–651

Julie Aponte, Fox 129-124-143-237–633

Lisa Tierney, Hometown 149-190-167-116–622

Missy Yurs, Four Seasons 167-168-185-89–609

Pat Tomy, Lisle 118-128-123-234–603

Shirley Cahill, Yorkville 170-159-149-118–596

Connie Downey, Hometown 117-89-153-237–596

Jamie Murphy, Hometown 182-146-120-148–596

Kristine Guindon, Poplar Creek 170-156-206-62–594

Stefanie Wrase, Fox 183-176-185-45–589

Bobbie Coleman, Mardi Gras 176-166-167-75–584

Sandra Koga, Poplar Creek 166-179-210-24–579

Danielle Diamond, Poplar Creek 198-151-153-67–569

Lauren Flentge, Fox 108-114-102-243–567

Donna Gawlik, Poplar Creek 211-142-181-27–561

Pat Maloney, Idle Hour 119-128-136-178–561

Jill Ludvigsen, Fox 121-102-111-226–560

Joan Michiewicz, St. Charles 134-125-118-170–547

Carol Dierzen, Hometown 125-121-106-191–543

Carol Kincaid, Fox 129-97-128-172–526

Patty Kmet, Lisle 211-191-135-78–515

Bev Holden, Four Seasons WD, injury

Section 1 Sectional

River Rand Bowl, Des Plaines


(Top 4 men and 3 women advance, pending verification)

Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Steven Paradowski, River Rand 192-226-223-86–727

Matthew Cwynar, Lakes 205-244-205-67–721

Michael Sargent, Arlington 244-202-267-0–713

Robert Foster, Niles 195-225-210-81–711

Mike Sparr, Lakes 224-225-256-0–705

Daniel Koscinski, Niles 169-247-276-0–692

David Jorash, Classic 173-257-201-37–668

Mike Dubois, Beverly 180-235-217-35–667

Frank Pizzo, Classic 185-189-185-102–661

Ron Lundberg, Beverly 151-227-236-37–651

Don Mohr, Beverly 182-217-180-62–641

Ryan Baker, Lakes 245-203-184-0–632

Dennis Gorzkiewicz, Classic 247-160-225-0–632

Chris Trunzo, Classic 182-184-202-56–624

Joseph Starr, Beverly 142-198-165-116–621

Ray Zlotkowski, Beverly 191-187-184-59–621

Shaun Brock, Classic 182-160-154-121–617

Daniel Ortiz, Classic 268-171-165-13–617

Michael Pappas, Arlington 168-167-183-91–609

Greg Rieck, Classic 215-160-202-29–606

Jim Paschke, Arlington 204-172-226-0–602

Brian Bredael, Beverly 188-166-161-81–596

Mike Celaric, Sunset 187-161-178-70–596

Vincent Luczak, Niles 175-155-202-62–594

Bill Schultz, River Rand 135-197-201-59–592

Will Knaack, Beverly 115-157-191-124–587

Brock Prunty, Beverly 161-181-222-2–566

Larry Szatkowski, Classic 149-160-158-94–561

Hershley Hughes, Classic 144-171-181-43–539

Brad Urlaub, Beverly 150-134-121-126–531

Larry Grandt, Lakes 183-168-168-5–524

Wayne Parsygnat, Sunset 151-169-166-0–486


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Christina Daniello, River Rand 127-192-233-156–708

Lynn Letman, Brunswick Zone-Niles 184-228-193-97–702

Racquel Reitmayer, Lakes 191-182-218-105–696

Amanda Finder, Lakeside 244-196-216-29–685

Amy Jakubiak, Classic 180-183-176-145–684

Alexis Knaack, Beverly 130-149-135-243–657

Stephanie Sachs, Classic 141-137-203-175–656

Lauri Voight, Sunset 188-178-269-18–653

Kathy Pearson, Lakes 184-161-193-99–637

Dalisay Virtusio, Niles 165-141-183-137–626

Debbie Tomaso, Beverly 174-172-214-56–616

Peggy Fioretto, Classic 166-185-171-83–605

Donna Hodap, Sunset 204-173-161-62–600

Sharon Boyd, Classic 99-121-128-243–591

Samantha Vanis, Beverly 150-106-97-237–590

Pam Clark, Beverly 83-112-143-232–570

Diane Walsh, River Rand 156-110-154-124–544

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