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Adam Wainwright pitched last night … against 8U girls

What do you do when you’re playing a game but the pitching machine breaks? You call a parent out of the stands to pitch.

Can only imagine how that discussion might have gone.

“How about you, sir? What’s your name?” someone might ask.

“Adam. Adam Wainwright,” he says.

“Have you pitched before?”

“Well, yeah, I have,” he says. “Just not a lot recently. But I think I can get the ball over the plate.”

Wainwright, who is on the mend after tearing his left Achilles (note picture) on April 30, hopes to make it back for the final month of the season with the Cardinals.

No word yet on how hard the girls hit the three-time All Star in his rehab stint last night but it sure must have been a thrill for them.