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Alex Flanagan gives publicity to ESPN reporter who deserves it

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, who many had never heard of previously, received a lot of attention last week for the video of her belittling a tow lot worker.


Alex Flanagan thought it was a little too much. In fact, the NBC Sports reporter wants to redirect the publicity to a longtime ESPN reporter who is more deserving.

In a poignant blog post, Flanagan chides McHenry and then pays tribute to Shelley Smith, who has been battling breast cancer since October.

The 28-year-old ESPN reporter went from being relatively unknown to being a household name this past week after that video of her degrading the tow company employee went viral. “No publicity is bad publicity” seems truer today than ever before.

Flanagan goes on:

Monday ESPN reporter Andy Katz will run in the Boston Marathon with the name of his colleague Shelley Smith written on his bib. Shelley has been a reporter for ESPN for more than 20 years. Like Britt, Shelley got into a nasty fight with an enemy. But you might not have heard about it. Shelly is battling breast cancer. She recently finished chemotherapy and before she starts a series of 25 radiation treatments in May, she’ll report for ESPN during the NFL Draft from Hawaii on quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Go here for Flanagan’s full post.