On Thursday, Jessica Bryant the wife of Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant conducted a Twitter Q&A with her followers urging them to vote for her husband for the last NL roster spot in the All-Star vote in the MLB Final Vote contest.

She revealed many things about the reigning NL MVP. Instead of scrolling through her timeline, the Sun-Times has compiled everything — questions, facts and photos — that she revealed about her husband.


  • @KrisBryant_23 candy of choice before every high school game was sour skittles
  • Our first date we went to the movies, we were too young to see a rated r movie so we snuck into Superbad…super romantic y’all
  • @KrisBryant_23 first car was a grey PT Cruiser with 2 subwoofers…& yes, sadly I thought it was really cool at the time
  • I played softball in high school so @KrisBryant_23 & I would take the same bus to all of our high school games
  • I dislocated my knee in one of my games, he carried me onto the bus…my knight and shining armor even then!
  • One of @KrisBryant_23 [TV] favorite shows is @truTVjokers
  • @KrisBryant_23 knows every word to the entire Moana soundtrack & while we are on the topic of Disney…add the Frozen soundtrack on there as knowing all the words❄
  • @KrisBryant_23 biggest guilty pleasure is @benandjerrys…we could eat that all day!!

She posted photos of the couple from their younger days.

And she was asked the following questions:

Q: Doesn’t KB want a nice 4 day break to recharge? I want to vote for him, but am reluctant if it means no break for our best player.
A: No he knows his body better than anyone & wants to be there!! Thanks for considering

Q: What is [his food choice before a game] now?
A: Especially for day games, he loves an omelette

Q: What’s your favorite part about being apart of the Cubs family?
A: It really is a family! The team, the girls, & especially the fans! This fan base always makes us feel like family

Q: Who is KB’s hero and why?
A: His mom & dad! Dad taught him everything baseball related & his mom taught him how to be a great person!

Q: How did you and @KrisBryant_23 meet?
A: We met in 9th grade! We had a couple classes together

Q: Would you and Kris ever wanna hang out and eat donuts with me and my fiancé? (Asked by Jessica Soto, fianceé of Rays pitcher Jacob Faria)
A: It’s like this has never happened before😂

Q: What’s your favorite pizza place in Chicago?
A: I know people are going to hate us for this because its not deep dish…but we love Sienna Tavern’s burnt pepperoni pizza!

Q: Does @KrisBryant_23 like Taco Bell?
A: I mean, does anybody not like taco bell?! But fun fact, on our wedding night we got taco bell after the reception on our way home!


Q: What does @KrisBryant_23 like to do for fun, besides baseball?
A: He loves to golf!

Q: What do you two do in your downtime to relax away from all the craziness ?
A: We watch a ton of Netflix! Love being able to just relax & be at home!

Q: What song did you guys use for your first dance at your BEAUTIFUL wedding?
A: Ground Up by Dan and Shay! We also did a last dance of the night to Home by Blue October

Q: Do you eat mac and cheese with a spoon or a fork?
A: Fork! People use spoons?!

Q: Who wears the pants in the relationship! you or Kris?
A: Depends who you ask…since you’re asking me….ME

Q: What’s Kris favorite thing to watch on tv?
A: Right now we are watching Big Brother!

Q: Spaghetti or taco salad?
A: @KrisBryant_23 favorite meals I make are a Mexican dish & my Spaghetti…so both?!

Q: What was Kris’ Senior Superlative in high school?
A: We won cutest couple in our high school yearbook!

Q: What is Kris’s favorite donut shop in Chicago?
A: We just tried @FirecakesDonuts for the first time the other day & were not disappointed!!

Q: What was your guys reaction when @KrisBryant_23 got called up to the Cubs for the first time?
A: I was at work, called me & definitely started crying. No sleep & pure emotions the entire day, but obviously SO worth it!!

Q: What is your most and least favorite thing about the “baseball life”?
A: Fav thing is I get to watch him live out his dreams!! Least fav are photos during dinner b/c nobody looks good stuffing their faces!

Q: What is your and @KrisBryant_23 favorite restaurant in the city?
A: You can never go wrong with @ChicagoCut & @RPMItalianChi

Q: Your favorite thing about @KrisBryant_23?
A: His genuinely kind heart. True believer in all his success has come from being a good person!

Q: You like to bake. What is [Kris Bryant’s] favorite baked good?
A: I have a baked good in our cake stand at all times! His fav are my choc chip cookies, brownies, cran/apple pie & choc pumpkin pie

Q: You guys did the shark cage a couple of years ago, have you seen the new movie, “47 meters below”? Would you do it again?
A: @redbull trip to Hawaii was hands down best trip! @KrisBryant_23 & I would 100% swim with sharks again!

Q:Was he nervous meeting your family?
A: He played with my brother in high school so he actually knew my family before I had even met him!

Jessica Bryant ended her Q&A with a thank you to the fans: “No matter what, @cubs fans…you are amazing!!!! Thanks for the fun today #VoteKB”