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Antrel Rolle on the cover of Sports Illustrated for all the wrong reasons

It’s every athlete’s dream to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Arguably the most well-known and important sports magazine, making the cover usually means something great has been accomplished unless the athlete is on the cover for being “the other guy.”

That’s exactly what happened to Antrel Rolle on this week’s regional cover of Sports Illustrated. Rolle was on the wrong end of a Todd Gurley hurdle, putting him squarely on the bottom half of the cover.

The picture came during the opening drive of the Bears win over the Rams, which also happened to be the lone touchdown drive for St. Louis. On the third play of the game, Rams quarterback Nick Foles dropped a pass off to Gurley who took the ball 31 yards and finished with a leap over Rolle before going down.

To his credit, Rolle seemed unphased by the cover, which was released while he appeared on his weekly radio interview with the “Spiegel and Goff Show” on WSCR 670.

Rolle laughed off the cover photo while asking rhetorically if Gurley went down after the hurdle. He also said all that mattered was getting the win.

“We went in there and kicked that a**,” Rolle said to the two radio hosts.