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Antrel Rolle supports Jay Cutler, despite getting trash-talked by him

Veteran safety Antrel Rolle has been with the Bears just five games. His view of Jay Cutler has always come from the other sideline during his 11-year career.

Comcast Sportnet’s Pat Boyle wanted to know if Rolle’s perception of Cutler had changed during his short time here.

Rolle couldn’t have been more supporting of Cutler, but he did take one little swipe at the enigmatic quarterback.

“I wouldn’t say it changed,” he said on CSN’s “The Antrel Rolle Show.” I never really had a perception of him before I got here. Every time I played against him, he’s had a pretty good game against us. He’s a very talented, very athletic quarterback. Could talk a lot of trash on the field. I know he’s said a couple of words to me in the past.

“But I always knew he was just a talented quarterback. You know, you get here and hear so many things about him, and the majority are negative things. You would honestly feel like he was the only guy on the team that wasn’t having success.”