Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky is the latest to join in participating in the “Arm Wrestle Challenge” — the newest campaign sweeping social media feeds to raise awareness and funds for charity.

The rules of the challenge are simple: grab a friend and arm wrestle. The winner makes a donation to Make-A-Wish and the loser has to match the winner’s donations.

That’s just what Trubisky did last week after being challenged by a Chicago police officer. Trubisky challenged a member of “choose to change.”

You can watch the challenge below:

Who’s up next? Trubisky handed the baton off to the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks.

The campaign started earlier this month when John Cena arm wrestled three children. Cena ended up losing which resulted in his forearm getting covered in whip cream.

You can watch the original promo below: