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Beat the Champions: Section 2 sectional comes up big Rolling Lanes


Nurse Kim Hammelman ratcheted up her bowling to win the womens side of the Section 2 sectional Sunday at Rolling Lanes.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

By Dick Quagliano

Kim Hammelman nursed her way to the women’s title Sunday at Section 2 sectional of the 58th Beat the Champs at Rolling Lanes in Countryside.

Michael McKinney almost stayed home due to the weather. But thanks to encouragement from his wife Darlene, his teammates and league secretary, McKinney not only showed up, but won the men’s side with a 779.

Hammelman, a pediatric nurse, realized early on that her ball wasn’t working the way she wanted.

`My ball wasn’t hooking very well, so I moved to the left and threw up the five-board,” said Hammelman, who advanced from Suburbanlite Bowl.

That adjustment worked to perfection as she finished up with nine consecutive strikes to complete her first game with a score of 247. Add in the 215 she had in her 2nd game, the 235 in her final game along with her 62 handicap and Hammelman finished with a 759.

Tricia Shellstrom, who bowls out of Brunswick Zone Woodridge was able count her way to the finals. Shellstrom, who is a payroll manager, opened with a 221 and followed with a oair of 166s. With her 170 handicap, she finished second with a 723.

The duo will be joined on March 10th at the women’s finals at Liberty Lanes in Carpentersville by Teresea Duran, who was third with a 718, Malika Manouzi and Norean Mitchell, who tied for fourth with a 710, Heidi Rogers, who was sixth with a 709 and Janis Jackson who was seventh with a 708.

“My wife told me to go in there and bowl like a champion,” said McKinney, who is from Hillside Bowl, had games of 215, 266 and 226 and a handicap of 72.

Luke Dusek made sure he had on his lucky shoes of 20 years. Dusek of Stardust Lanes had games of 268, 245 and 219 with his 37-handicap to finish second with a 769.

They will be joined on March 3rd at the men’s finals at Beverley Lanes in Arlington Heights by Chicago firefighter Mark Lapinski, who was red hot to finish third with 760. Jarod Adair, who was fourth with a 738, Kirk Myers, who was fifth with a 731, Gary Fujii, sixth with a 730, John Dudzik, seventh with a 725, and Domingo Rodriguez, eighth with a 723 also qualified.

Section 2 sectional scores:

Rolling Lanes, Countryside
Top seven women and top eight men, pending verification, advance to the finals.
Sunday's results
Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-hdp--tot
Kim Hammelman, Suburbanite 247-215-235-62--759
Tricia Shellstrom, BZ-Woodridge 221-166-166-170--723
Teresa Duran, AMF Forest 169-176-163-210--718
Malika Manouzi, Striker 187-178-248-97--710
Norean Mitchell, Rolling 148-169-167-226--710
Heidi Rogers, BZ-Woodridge 124-189-148-248--709
Janis Jackson, Town Hall 168-193-129-218--708
Angel Smith, Striker 190-143-138-226--697
Claudia Zinanni, Circle 148-181-133-234--696
Ala Jantz, Stardust 146-147-153--240--686
Lisa Sterling, BZ-River Grove 129-161-138-253--681
Laura Lofgren, Elk Grove 148-146-211-175--680
Ani Martir, BZ-River Grove 155-164-157-202-678
Maritza Pagan, BZ-River Grove 177-179-172-143--671
Melissa Stevens, Stardust 154-235-185-94--668
Virginia Garcia, AMF Forest 201-137-160-164--662
Adrienne Guldin, Circle 176-184-149-153--662
Janet Kulovitz, AMF Forest 214-221-201-24--660
Mary Williams, Elk Grove 198-164-157-140--659
Earline Terry, Hillside 163-155-122-216--656
Barbara Hull, Stardust 139-129-150-237--655
Karen Kasprowicz, Rolling 136-172-118-229--655
Cheryl Voustros, Rolling 136-108-140-270--654
Tommica Akins, Town Hall 131-129-169-224--653
Valerie Deloach, Town Hall 167-132-140-210--649
Caroline Rhone, Hillside 190-131-161--644
Sara Torres, Town Hall 152-149-162-180--643
Tara Shackelford, Hillside 134-170-224-110--638
Gianna Paolantino, Wood Dale 125-191-224-89--629
Linda Bronsberg, Elk Grove 138-136-137-210--621
Sue Anne Tae, BZ-River Grove 168-140-189-124--621
LaShonda Tart, Town Hall 147-154-148-172-621
Karen Menas, Elk Grove 131-126-146-216--619
Angelic Billings, Rolling 106-141-173-197--617
Debbie Hamning, BZ-Woodridge 115-117-147-234--613
Katie Farej, AMF Forest Lanes 181-167-148-108--604
Sherry Langendorf, Wood Dale 111-131-138-221--601
Lula White Wallace, Hillside 163-152-157-126--598
Toni Hamilton, Wood Dale 149-120-94-232--595
Johaira Davila, BZ-River Grove 118-130-157-178--583
Shandra Wright Porche', Hillside 222-210-149-2--583
Julie Pietryla, Rolling 113-110-104-270--597
Pat Chambers, Rolling 145-102-119-226--592
Keya Henderson, Town Hall 189-172-160-54--575
Christel Brake, Rolling 130-142-151-151--574
Yvette Christman, Hillside 126-155-158-118--557
Aretha Berdell, Hillside 134-127-127-156--544
Monica Resto, Striker 106-88-118-226--538
Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-Hdp--Tot
Michael McKinney, Hillside 215-266-226-72--779
Luke Dusek, Stardust 268-245-219-37--769
Mark Lapinski, AMF Forest 227-249-247-37--760
Jarod Adair, Rolling 155-199-214-170--738
Kirk Myers, Stardust 178-232-170-151--731
Gary Fujii, Elk Grove 208-215-191-121--730
John Dudzik, Rolling 168-213-223-121--725
Domingo Rodriguez, AMF Forest 189-212-266-56--723
Scott Morris, Stardust 213-233-242-21--709
Glen Nawaka, BZ-Woodridge 182-157-170-191--700
Dave Smith, Rolling 190-191-198-121--700
Victor Wilcox, BZ-Woodridge 215-215-215-40--685
Brandon Biondo, Elk Grove 214-224-247-0--685
Mike Wallace, BZ-Woodridge 196-245-196-43--680
James Ulczak Sr, Stardust 213-226-197-43--679
Blaine Allred, Wood Dale 208-223-247-0--678
Gregory Nash, Town Hall 201-217-203-56--677
David Collins, Hillside 187-221-199-67--674
Anthony Clayton, Elk Grove 254-220-189-10--673
Scott Black, Suburbanite 231-202-229-10--672
Jay Tomasello, Wood Dale 222-254-193-0--669
Mike Cozzolino, Rolling 172-209-196-91--668
James Joiner, Town Hall 211-192-233-32--668
David Peterson, Circle 179-178-212-99--668
Dave Cutforth, BZ-Woodridge 177-191-232-67--667
Eugene Rigitano Jr, Wood Dale 181-192-224-70--667
Andres Landa, BZ-River Grove 167-246-237-13--663
David Cartea, BZ-River Grove 164-199-191-105--659
Elias Vega, BZ-River Grove 159-191-168-137--655
Mike Freese, Stardust 211-179-216-48--654
Michael Butcher, Striker 158-214-216-64--652
Michael Cortese, Striker 172-203-212-64--651
Joseph Cozart, Elk Grove 197-196-221-35--649
Michael Romanenko, BZ-River Grove 135-150-171-191--647
Scott Lee, Rolling 196-195-223-29--643
Mike Healy, Stardust 191-220-168-62--641
Jimmy Wood, Hillside 235-165-239-0--637
Alfonso Lopez, Striker 147-210-153-126--636
Carl Reifsteck, Stardust 133-203-176-124--636
Jose Acosta III, Suburbanite 209-245-180-0--634
Joseph Biedziak, Stardust 170-172-192-99--633
Frank Kmet, BZ-Woodridge 171-213-184-64--632
Mac Cummins, Hillside 132-159-176-164--631
Angel Feliciano Jr, BZ-River Grove 213-179-198-40--630
Leonard Bakke, Circle 166-198-159-102--625
Otis Dixon, Hillside 164-225-188-48--625
Steven Zaffaroni, BZ-River Grove 161-184-180-99--624
Tom Svehla, Elk Grove 229-1611-194-37--621
John Werchman, BZ-Woodridge 188-147-204-81--620
Marcos Arellano, Circle 128-214-222-51--615
Al Chiappetta, Suburbanite 193-177-170-75--615
Michael Murphy, Hillside 188-166-145-116--615
Matt Dickerson, Wood Dale 136-146-131-199--612
Ken Matuszak, Elk Grove 191-148-201-72--612
Steve Hartnett, Wood Dale 169-233-172-37--611
Albert Banks Iii, Town Hall 168-160-164-118--610
George Mavreas, Stardust 186-171-162-91--610
Robert Chambers, Rolling 140-148-186-135--609
Joe Hernandez, Elk Grove 210-191-163-40--604
Richard Nowaczynski, Striker 170-155-145-132--602
Sell Knox, Hillside 198-200-190-13--601
Jesse Garcia Jr, Rolling 121-193-168-118--600
Mark Goree, Suburbanite 123-132-161-180--596
Rick Hoehn, BZ-River Grove 145-214-182-54--595
Frank Miller, AMF Forest 200-201-187-0--588
Rich Pollack, Stardust 160-155-173-91--579
Dan Bechtlofft, BZ-Woodridge 172-198-170-27--567
Ed Jedlicka, Tivoli 85-96-81-216--478
PRIZE NOTE: Top male and female bowlers in each sectional
receive either a  Storm Roto Grip or Hammer Black Widow.
SCHEDULE: Sectionals: Section 4/Will County, 10 a.m. (women)
and 2 p.m. Saturday, Arena Lanes . . . Section 3, 10 a.m.
Feb, 17, Diversey River Bowl. Finals: Men's, noon, March 3,
Beverly Lanes; women's, 2 p.m. March 10, Liberty Lanes.