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Beat the Champs: Feeling at home at Waveland Bowl

LeKetha Adams won the women's side of the Section 3 sectional of the 56th Beat the Champions Sunday at Waveland Bowl.
Credit: Dale Bowman

Home, home on the Western Avenue.

“I felt really at home,’’ said LeKetha Adams, after she won the women’s side of the Section 3 sectional of the 56th Beat the Champions Sunday at Waveland Bowl in Chicago.

All Adams, who bowls in the Wednesday Mixed Classic at Waveland, did was compile a 749, including 78 pins of handicap and a 257 game.

Anthony Muscari, who came up through the youth leagues at Waveland, won the men’s side with a 756, on consistent games of 244, 226, 227 and 56 pins of handicap.

Adams actually advanced in BTC out of Bluebird Lanes, which will host the women’s finals on March 12.

“I am hoping I feel at home there, too,’’ said Adams, who finished seventh in the finals last year. The Chicago woman works in the religious services department of the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Familiarity helped Muscari, too.

“Lanes were working for me,’’ he said. “I threw my usual shot. I stayed there the whole game, well, moved a little left.’’

The 19-year-old sophomore in nursing at Malcolm X was bowling in his first year of adult leagues.

The top five women and top five men advanced to the BTC finals. This year the top prize in the finals for both the women’s and men’s champions is $7,500.

Skyway Bowl also had a good day advancing two women–Terian Williams-Gibbs, a claim tech from Calumet Park, and Pamela Terry, a retired Chicago teacher–and two men–Steven Brown, a 22-year-old student at Harold Washington, and Kilija Benson.

Mary Gamble, a sales associate with the U.S. Postal Service, is making a return trip to the finals, too. She finished sixth in 2012. Kim Hallman, a Chicago painter, finished second with a 697.

The other men motoring on to the finals were Jerry Harris, a truck driver from LaGrange, and Dennis McBride, a route driver from Morton Grove.

The Cubs W on Lane 2016 at Waveland Bowl. Credit: Dale Bowman

The Cubs W on Lane 2016 at Waveland Bowl.
Credit: Dale Bowman

BTC is a handicapped charity tournament put on by the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association with the Sun-Times as the media sponsor. It has raised more than $2.8 million for charity, so far.

In a little side note, Waveland began a media sensation for changing Lane 16 to Lane 2016 after the Cubs won the World Series and the early sunlight would stream in over Western Avenue and spotlight the W.

“We liken it to the weeping Madonna,” owner Gary Handler said.

Here are the individual results:

Section 3 Sectional
Waveland Bowl, Chicago
Sunday’s results
Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT
Anthony Muscari, Waveland 244-226-227-59–756
Steven Brown, Skyway 225-236-183-91–735
Jerry Harris, Habetler 185-184-234-72–675
Dennis McBride, Timber 192-192-178-110–672
Kilija Benson, Skyway 215-207-225-24–671
Emmitt Neely, Bluebird 231-211-123-102–667
Terry Hlavac, Habetler 194-244-155-72–665
Eric Schweda, Habetler 218-203-209-35–665
Derrick Pointer, Skyway 194-169-180-121–664
Jon Meineken, Habetler 172-203-269-18–662
John Seyller, Lawn 204-237-199-21–661
Prince Redmond, Skyway 192-220-194-51–657
Anthony Plant Sr, Skyway 135-208-212-94–649
Melvyn Walton, Timber 174-208-164-102–648
Freddie Hunt, Lawn 125-158-181-183–647
Walter Ricks, Skyway 163-145-192-145–645
Richy DeArmond, Timber 245-171-225-0–641
Mike Prodromos, Timber 232-130-141-132–635
Cortez Richey, Skyway 222-235-178-0–635
Martin Mahoney, Timber 177-151-153-153–634
Arthur Branch, Skyway 188-220-136-86–630
Thomas Scott, Lawn 154-146-158-172–630
Gary Watkins, Skyway 182-182-159-105–628
Angelo Carthan, Skyway 152-178-191-102–623
Jim Herr, Bluebird 170-194-161-91–616
Jorge Martinez, Lawn 156-168-186-99–609
Phillip Beck, Skyway 204-185-218-0–607
Thomas Jones, Skyway 146-191-169-97–603
Darren Drapp, Habetler 190-136-228-48–602
Daniel Gallegos, Bluebird 177-166-135-121–599
Moses Merriweather, Bluebird 154-172-128-143–597
Milton Turnage, Skyway 181-183-179-54–597
William Mims, Bluebird 158-124-182-132–596
Adam Hacker, Diversey 144-146-152-153–595
Ken Ford, Skyway 127-181-147-137–592
Daniel Koscinski, Habetler 177-204-184-27–592
Willie Long, Bluebird 163-208-203-16–590
Curtis Webb, Skyway 204-222-137-27–590
Kevin Johnson, Habetler 171-164-178-75–588
Eduardo Feliciano Sr. Diversey 122-213-193-59–587
Bob Ochal, Lawn 214-187-170-13–584
Scot Norris, Waveland 186-193-169-35–583
Eric Sanders, Timber 137-186-154-99–576
Alden Almagro, Timber 133-156-210-75–574
Victor Lobello, Habetler 126-164-157-121–568
Jake Greene, Bluebird 197-193-169-8–567
Jerome Payne, Skyway 166-128-132-135–561
Horace Beard, Bluebird 148-147-144-121–560
Javier Perez, Habetler 189-157-170-43–557
Alfonso Carrington, Skyway 134-133-179-105–551
Mark Lengyel, Habetler 210-168-150-8–536
Kenneth Hammon, Timber 136-135-98-153–522
Matt Johnson, Timber 112-117-143-51–423
Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT
Leketha Adams, Bluebird 226-257-188-78–749
Kim Hallman, Habetler 170-139-159-229–697
Terian Willams-Gibbs, Skyway 172-213-147-164–696
Pamela Terry, Skyway 130-181-137-243–691
Mary Gamble, Timber 177-161-180-170–688
Eileen Kennedy, Habetler 160-223-179-118–680
Danielle Batjes, Habetler 127-141-202-207–677
Regina Roark, Skyway 181-181-148-153–663
Georgene Friedl, Bluebird 191-179-158-121–649
Jane Verwys, Timber 135-112-180-221–648
Barbara Mitchell, Skyway 160-158-159-164–641
Adrienne Davis, Bluebird 138-209-192-99–638
Venita Thomas, Skyway 164-140-180–627
Mary Bolden, Bluebird 119-179-152-175–625
Kimberly Mioni, Lawn 209-178-196-40–623
Earlene O’Neal, Bluebird 136-147-124-216–623
Vivian Granderson, Bluebird 137-202-156-126–621
Cheryl Pearson, Lawn 139-155-146-180–620
Erica Pursell, Waveland 296-300-279-45–620
Martina Barlow, Waveland 131-165-142-180–618
Ericka Michlewwright, Timber 142-129-102-243–616
Karen Wojcik, Habetler 123-134-116-243–616
Jodi Biancalana, Habetler 161-169-134-151–615
Amber Romando, Diversey 103-169-134-207–613
Jen Laskov, Timber 106-155-154-197–612
Linda Kuczwara, Lawn 124-131-136-216–607
Earnestine Ramsay, Bluebird 169-122-133-183–607
Wynetta Thomas, Skyway 126-127-181-172–606
Dora Collins, Skyway 130-148-171-156–605
Alexandra Brooks, Skyway 226-158-204-16–604
Nicole Pacheco, Habetler 179-192-187-43–601
Marian Bullock, Skyway 117-147-157-175–596
Rene Fiel, Timber 153-124-144-175–596
Gloria Laury, Skyway 134-129-157-175–595
Doris Johnson, Bluebird 146-171-181-91–589
Jasmine Anza, Habetler 131-99-115-243–588
Geraldine Jones, Bluebird 167-152-147-118–584
Melissa Sanchez, Habetler 112-122-151-199–584
Diana Castro, Timber 100-125-113-243–581
Karen Thomas, Skyway 127-138-154-159–578
Patricia Johnson-Walker, Skyway 149-132-103-186–570
Adrian Turner, Bluebird 153-148-107-162–570
Katrina Bogan, Skyway 147-167-134-121–569
Jessie Slaten, Diversey 107-101-147-207–562
Doris Yarbrough, Skyway 117-173-119-153–562
Foyla Hall, Skyway 132-171-169-86–558
Debbie Palanyk, Lawn 144-107-113-194–558
Sandra Mercado, Habetler 139-120-122-170-551
Robin Scaletta, Habetler 87-114-99-243–543
Thelma Neely, Lawn 122-143-93-151–509
Sunday, March 5: Men’s finals, Arena Lanes, Oak Lawn, noon
Sunday, March 12: Women’s finals, Bluebird Lanes, Chicago, noon