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Brandon Marshall says he hasn’t spoken to Jay Cutler in “almost two years”

Either Brandon Marshall has a really poor sense of time or the wide receiver was on very bad terms with quarterback Jay Cutler during his final season with the Bears.

In a recent interview with Rich Eisen, Marshall said he hasn’t talked to Cutler in a really long time.

“For years everyone considered us bothers, and you know, it is my brother, but we haven’t talked in almost two years,” Marshall said.

The problem is, Marshall didn’t play his final game with the Bears until Dec. 4, 2014 – exactly 14 months ago. And he wasn’t traded to New York until March 6 of last year – only 11 months ago.

Given the chance to amend his statement, Marshall simply laughed and added “Jay has a lot of potential and he has a great organization behind him.”

Marshall’s comments, while odd and almost certainly inaccurate, don’t come as a huge surprise.

This past season, the Jets receiver told ESPN he was the only player who held Cutler accountable during his time in Chicago, and added that the two had poor communication during his final season with the Bears.

Okay, so poor communication is one thing, but no communication? Come on.

Both 2006 draft picks by the Broncos, the pair played three seasons together in Denver and then three more in Chicago before Marshall was shipped to New York for a fifth-round pick.

Marshall didn’t have too many nice things to say about Cutler, but he did say a few kind things about the Bears.

“I love the Chicago Bears,” Marshall said. “They gave me an opportunity when most teams wouldn’t, and I enjoyed my time there. They’re first class.”

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