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Bulls point guard Kris Dunn set to return Wednesday against the Raptors

Kris Dunn will be on the Zach LaVine plan.

After missing the last 11 games with concussion-like symptoms, Dunn will return tonight for the Bulls, getting the start, but limited to just 20 minutes.

“The plan for Kris tonight is pretty similar to what we did with Zach when he got back into the lineup,’’ coach Fred Hoiberg said. “Obviously with Kris Dunn, we’re not dealing with a soft-tissue injury like we were with Zach, so it will be a little bit different in that regard, but I imagine he’ll get pretty winded, especially in that first stint when he is out there. We will start him, and then we monitor him.

“We may need to get him out pretty quickly for that first run. But the plan for tonight is to get him about 20 minutes of action. I want to get him stretches where he can get into some kind of flow and rhythm, so we may have something similar to Zach where we don’t play him in the fourth quarter.’’

Dunn last played on Jan. 17 against Golden State, but left that game late when he dunked the ball, and was thrown off balance by the rim, crashing down to the court on his face.

He dislocated two teeth and went into the concussion protocol.

In his absence the Bulls have gone 3-8.

“If I had to grade it, I would think a B,’’ Dunn said of his conditioning after the Wednesday shootaround. “But it’s going to be my first game back in awhile. It’s going to look at a C-minus a little bit. Hopefully I get my second wind and get better in the second half.’’