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Casey Urlacher is hoping the Bears and his brother can help him win his election

Plenty of former athletes have given politics a shot after their playing days are over. Brian Urlacher doesn’t fit that category, but his younger brother Casey does.

Casey Urlacher, who played at Lake Forest College and was briefly on the Bears during their 2003 training camp, is running for a seat in the state senate. The current mayor of Mettawa is running for the 26th District seat.

Like any good politician, Urlacher is using everything he can to his benefit, including his older brother and the Bears. When the Bears play the Broncos on Sunday, the mayor will be hosting a “football fundraiser” at Austin’s Saloon & Eatery in Libertyville.

Both Brian and former Bears player Jerry Azumah are expected to be on hand as celebrity bartenders.

Urlacher isn’t the first person to try and use his connection to the Bears to get a spot in the state senate. Mike Ditka considered running in 2004 against Barack Obama, but would ultimately decide against it. A decision he called the “biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”