When we last checked in on Charles Barkley’s golf swing, famed instructor Hank Haney was trying to rid the burly broadcaster of a vicious hitch. The delay at the top of Barkley’s backswing was so pronounced, one could finish an entire episode of “Shaqtin A Fool” before he ever struck the ball.

After months of instruction, Haney’s project looked a little better but not much.

Well, the Chuckster was back at it this weekend in the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe, California — new swing(s) and all.

Sporting a hard hat (maybe the gallery should have been wearing them), Barkley stepped up and addressed the ball with a cross-handed grip. Surprisingly, the hitch was gone and the swing didn’t look that bad, relatively speaking.

Later in the tournament, maybe due to a sore wrist, Barkley was more like himself, swinging at the ball with one hand. The wicked duck-hook sent fans along a tree line scurrying.

When asked about his swing change by NFL Network, the ever humble Barkley said: “I’m hitting the ball a little better, but don’t get over confident that I’m not going to come in last place.”