Luck helped Larry Brousil land his best lake trout from shore on Dec. 3 while he and a friend fished perch at Navy Pier.

But, in recent years, lakers are not accidents for Brousil on the Chicago lakefront. This one was.

“On my second cast with the Swedish Pimple after switching from a tiny fluke, my luck changed in a hurry,’’ he emailed.

He was jigging a No. 4 Swedish Pimple with 4-pound Trilene XT line.

“On top of that, the only net that was available was a large mesh dip net that had some holes closed up with fishing line (totally appreciate the young man that had it though),’’ Brousil emailed. “Then, the first attempt at netting the fish caused the lure to snag on the rim, with the fish attached but on the outside of the net! Not sure how I got the fish to flip in the net, but after a few minutes it was folded into the net.’’

He’s fished the Chicago lakefront for 50-plus years. His Dad started him behind McCormick Place with a cane pole for perch.

“Still amazed at the shoreline lakers,’’ he emailed. “Caught my first one in ‘05 off 31st Street Pier in mid-October. Been targeting them ever since once shoreline temps dip below 60. Surprisingly I’ve had my best luck in water only 5 or 6 feet with lots of big boulders.’’

This is a bonus lesson on fall/winter lakers on the lakefront.

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