If you want to witness Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky face Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s defense in person, it’s going to cost you.

As of Thursday morning, the Patriots-Bears game on Sunday — which could be quarterback Tom Brady’s last game at Soldier Field — is the most expensive football ticket this weekend by a long shot.

The “get-in price” for the game is currently $356, according to TickPick, a ticket sales website. That’s 116 percent higher than the Bears’ home game against the Jets next week.

The Bears game is also more than double the next highest get-in value games. The Cowboys-Redskins game is the second most expensive ticket, costing $144, according to TickPick.

It’s a rarity that NFL tickets cost more than the top college matchups in the ACC and SEC, according to TickPick. But this week the Bears’ take the top spot as the hottest football game in the country. The get-in price for No. 3 Clemson and No. 16 North Carolina State is $161, while the price to get in for No. 5 LSU and No. 22 Mississippi State is $39, according to TickPick.

As for the cheapest games this weekend, it’s a good time to be a Bills, Colts, Texans or Jaguars fan.

The Texans-Jaguars game has a get-in price of $22, while the Bills-Colts game is the cheapest among the NFL, costing $19, according to TickPick.