Bears QB Mitch Trubisky at the Pro Bowl on Wednesday. | Adam Jahns/Chicago Sun-Times

10 with 10: Bears QB Mitch Trubisky focused on having fun at Pro Bowl

SHARE 10 with 10: Bears QB Mitch Trubisky focused on having fun at Pro Bowl
SHARE 10 with 10: Bears QB Mitch Trubisky focused on having fun at Pro Bowl

ORLANDO — With sunglasses and a smile on his face, Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky met the media Wednesday after his first practice for the Pro Bowl at ESPN World Wide of Sports in Disney World. Here are 10 questions and answers from that interview:

On ending “Zero Dark 10” and getting back on social media:

“So I might post a little more going forward but … it’s good to be back on social media. I got like a positive welcome. Usually, social media has been negative for me. So it was good to see that people were actually back and posting stuff. I’ll give them so more content going forward.”

On if he’s had a chance to assess the 2018 season:

“Not really. I’ve just been decompressing, relaxing. And I haven’t had time to assess the season. No. 1, because just the way it ended and how tough it was to see it come to end like this, especially with all the momentum we had going. We’ll get back to work in due time but [I’m]just relaxing and enjoying the time off we have right now. But [I’m] very eager to get back to work and excited for what we’re going to do this year and the coming years.”

On having center Cody Whitehair and left tackle Charles Leno Jr. in the Pro Bowl, too:

“It means so much. I think I was more excited that they got the call then when I got the call. That’s hard to believe because you can ask coach [Matt] Nagy how excited I was on the phone. Cody called me and I started going nuts. I said, ‘I’ll see you in Orlando, man. We’re going to have a lot of fun.’ Those guys deserve it. They’ve protected me all year. They put their bodies on the line every single Sunday for me. For them to get some recognition that they finally deserve, it’s awesome to see. So I’ll have a great week with Charles and Cody, and they’re amazing dudes, so they deserve it.”

On how good it felt to trim his beard after the season:

“It did. It did. I got some compliments on that, too. I was like, ‘Dang.’ So I get to back on social media and I got to keep my beard trimmed. It felt really good. I could not believe how like girthy it actually got. So I got a haircut and I shaved the beard all in one day. There was a bunch that came off. Yeah, it feels good. We’ll see where we go from here.”

On when he shaved his beard after losing to the Eagles:

“I did it probably three or four days after the game. Trimmed the beard. Just a fresh start.”

On the feelings after getting eliminated from the postseason:

“It’s so tough. It’s so tough. You never want to see it come to end, and then for it to end in such a dramatic way, it’s kind of heartbreaking. There is a lot that goes into this as far as how hard we work, how much we love this game and our teammates and how we just aspired to get all the way to the Super Bowl. So for it to come to an end, it’s really tough, especially in a dramatic fashion. Sometimes you feel like it’s out of your control with the calls, with the plays that go on. You just got to stay positive, move forward, take it for what it is and keep getting better.”

On kicker Cody Parkey making an appearance on the “Today” show:

“I don’t have any thoughts about it. That was a personal choice. I mean, we’re a team. We stick together no matter what. Guys make decisions. You support them through whatever. We got a bunch of guys here and we’re just going to enjoy that week at the Pro Bowl with these guys. But, yeah, it is what it is. We’re a family. We just got to make sure that we get to back to work. And I’m excited to get back to Chicago. But it’s really nice out. It’s really nice out here. It’s not like that back home. It’s freezing. There’s tons of snow on the ground. So I’m going to enjoy the sunshine a little bit for sure.”

On getting the call for the Pro Bowl:

“I was just so pumped, very excited. And then I was also even more excited when Charles and Cody got the call, too. Those guys really deserve it. Just got to soak it all in. Obviously, this is my first one. But everyone says it’s a positive experience, just the people you meet, the players who are around. You try to learn, soak it in, get a little better, stay healthy and just have a lot of fun this week. So I was so excited when I got the call.”

On watching other playoff games:

“I saw clips and highlights. But honestly, it’s really hard for me to watch. I didn’t sit down and watch the games. I checked the scores and stuff on my phone. But I didn’t watch any of the games through and through but it’s tough being out. I did not expect it to come an end. How much we were having, you never want that to end. It’s hard to watch.”

On his offseason plans beyond this week:

“Everyone is asking my plans, and I’m like, ‘It’s one week at a time for me.’ I’m in Orlando this week. I think I’ll be at the Super Bowl a little bit next week doing some events and some appearances, hanging out with the guys again and enjoying this ride. I wish we could still be playing but you just got to stay positive and pick the next best thing. That’s coming to the Pro Bowl and visiting the Super Bowl next week. It’s just staying busy, always working out and just enjoying this ride.”

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