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Your Turn poll: Whom do Cubs fans want — Jake Arrieta, Yu Darvish or Alex Cobb?

Free-agent pitchers Jake Arrieta (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images), Yu Darvish (Jamie Squire/Getty Images) and Alex Cobb (AP/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Any day (or week … or month …) now, baseball’s biggest free-agent-pitcher dominoes will begin to fall. But you knew that already, because we’ve been talking about it for days. No, weeks. Make that months. Frankly, the whole thing is starting to get kind of old.

But there’ll be brand-new energy and excitement surrounding the Cubs if and when they finally get their man. Will it be old pal Jake Arrieta? NLCS nemesis and friend-of-the-Astros Yu Darvish? The lesser-known Alex Cobb?

More to the point: Whom would Cubs fans rather have? We asked, you answered.

Somebody ought to find Arrieta, throw their arm over his shoulders and make sure he’s OK. He’s merely the player most instrumental to the Cubs’ enormous success over the last three seasons, yet clearly he’s no Darvish — not according to the Yu crew that voted in this poll. Thanks for nothing, bub.

My questions: Are these results purely about pitching? Or is there a grass-is-greener effect leading many to prefer Darvish?

I suspect there’s a good bit of the latter at play, but then I’m one of those super-annoying types who never misses an opportunity to play pop psychologist.

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